Constitution of the United States

George Washington and the Constitution

George Washington expressed confidence in the new legal document that would guide the United States of America for the first time in his letter establishing the constitution (Goldoni 387). He emphasized the multiple essential principles of democracy inherent in the constitution’s benefits to both citizens and the nation. He emphasizes the importance of power separation among the judiciary, the legislature (Congress), and the executive branches of government. George acknowledges the appropriateness of entrusting full authority to a single body to sign treaties, govern trade, initiate war, negotiate peace, and collect taxes, and thus the need for delegation of responsibility. Secondly, George argues that democracy comes with a lot of sacrifices in that each party has accepted to give up some rights for them to enjoy others in a democracy (Goldoni 387). Therefore, for democracy to thrive, people must be willing to compromise some of their freedoms.

The Benefits of Democracy

According to George Washington, the government in a democratic country must provide safety to its entire population. Moreover, it has to ensure that there are felicity, prosperity, and national unity (Goldoni 387-408). It is clear that democracy brings a lot of benefits to the people, however, as George states in his letter not everyone will be satisfied. Nevertheless, there are some of the rights of an individual they can never give up, and this starts with life. The constitution which is a symbol of democracy ensures lasting welfare of a country, her freedom, and happiness. One a nation exists in harmony, her people will equally live in joy and peace with one another if the rule of law is duly followed.

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington - Plot Summary

Assignment 2

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Jefferson Smith, a local hero, is appointed to a fill a senate position that had remained vacant due to the death of Senator Samuel Foley. This comes as a surprise following the order of Jim Taylor to Governor Hubert Hopper to find a replacement for the diseased senator who cannot ask any question or oppose any suggestion (“Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Full Movie 1939”). After suggesting all his children without consideration, Hopper resorts to the leader of State Boy Rangers Group thinking that he is so naive and cannot offer resistance to their dubious bills in the Senate. However, the unexpected happens, and Smith tables a bill to allow for the creation of a boys’ camp (“Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Full Movie 1939”). The problem begins when he suggests that the field should be located at the Willets Creek. At this point, Senator Paine and Taylor force him to drop the bill since Edward Arnold wants to build a dam at the same site for personal gain. Smith discovers this, and in return, Paine accuses Smith of stealing the money from the State Boys Rangers in an attempt to silence him.

Jefferson Smith's Fight Against Corruption

After being accused and charged with stealing the State Boy Rangers Group money, Jefferson Smith makes up his mind to leave Washington; Saunders persuades him to stay and fight. He decides to speak out on Taylor’s illegal plan to misuse state resources even if Taylor tries to muster the media forces in his State to destroy Smith. Jefferson Smith manages to expose the corruption cartel led by Taylor and his allies in the government. Despite being prejudiced by other senators for lack of experience, Smith emerges a hero by his act of uncovering the truth about the corruption in the state.

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