Understanding the Dynamics of Security: From Human Security to Conflict Resolution

Human security- is the human fundamental freedom from fear and want. Examples are food security and health security.

Securitization- is the process of transforming issues into matters of security. For example, political issues becoming a security threat.

Critical security studies- these are the realist, liberal and Peace studies for example study on post cold-war security measures.

Strategy and grand strategy- strategy is the planning of using force or threats for political aims while grand strategy is the inclusive planning of future use of the military, economic, diplomatic and other instruments of power. Example of the strategies is the use of peace treaties and the military muscle.

Power – the absolute ability to control and authoritatively influence the behaviour of people.

Part II

Barry Buzan a neo-realist views international security after the post cold-war era as mere assumptions of the security and thereby a security complex involving linking of states to tackle larger than there own national security problems. Collectively military force status quo and trust binds them.

Human security entails the fundamental freedoms of the citizens, it is more than security from crime. This is in terms of livelihoods. Therefore it is a paradigm shift from the security trends of the military and politics.

Conflict Prevention is the initiative to avoid violent escalation of insecurity for instance the establishment of warning signs while conflict management is the process of restricting the negativity of disputes espousing the positive ones. On the other hand conflict resolution is an intermediation of conflicts between warring parties personally, politically or emotionally. Conflicts can be prevented by mutual respect managed by negotiations and resolved politically. An example is the current peace treaties signed by the USA and Russia.

Works Cited

Buzan, Barry, et al. Security: a new framework for analysis. Lynne Rienner Publishers, 1998.

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