Importance of Studying Psychology

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Psychology refers to the study of thought mechanisms and human actions. In order to navigate the prevalent conditions, it can be used in multiple areas of life. It helps us to realize who we are and leads us in the path of what we want to become. In the school system, psychology is extremely useful and has been incorporated into several diverse areas to train students well for different occupational positions in the future. My major is a degree in Business Administrative Technology, intended to train students for potential jobs in a number of positions in today’s technology-driven workplaces. Technology is changing business working places and the students have to be fully prepared so that they can successfully tackle their various assigned tasks. This degree program offer learning opportunities which are focused on creating and reinforcing academic and occupational knowledge. This will equip the students with the skills and attitudes that are necessary for job attainment, retention, and advancement.

The careers associated with this Business Administrative Technology is highly demanding and requires the personnel to be very prepared to handle every situation brought by this working environment. Studying psychology helps in proper understanding of what we are as students and hence any complications brought by demands of work can be handled easily with confidence. Any technological career requires too much thinking and psychological knowledge will help navigate the difficult situations and seek solutions in a very effective and efficient manner. This implies that better understanding of the mental processes and behavior will enhance the successful completion of the assigned tasks in my field. It will help me in the effective management of work -related stress and time which increase the chances of accomplishing the positive results and hence professional and personal development is also achieved.

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