Amazon and eBay share e-commerce

We live in the e-commerce era

We live in the e-commerce era, and an increasing number of businesses have e-commerce websites where they offer their products. Amazon and eBay are two of the most effective e-commerce platforms in my opinion. The two sites have a few characteristics that contribute to their popularity. The inclusion of a shopping cart and a checkout process is the first thing that the two sites have in common. Visitors to Amazon and eBay can add things to their shopping carts with a single click (Muneesh & Sareen, 2012). The checkout process is extremely straightforward, allowing shoppers to see what they have in their shopping baskets while browsing for more things.

Mobile compatibility

Secondly, the two e-commerce websites have mobile compatibility allowing most of their online users to access the sites on their smartphones. The two sites are designed and built for all devices with access to the internet. The other common element between Amazon and eBay websites is 'calls to action' (Rocha, Correia, Tan & Stroetmann, 2014). Both websites lead its customers with calls to action tailored to specific actions. For instance, they both have links to discounts for its customers.

Unique elements of Amazon and eBay

Even though Amazon and eBay share a few common elements, they have unique elements that have contributed to their success. Amazon is among the leading e-commerce websites because of its usability and great content. The website guides its users to whatever they are looking for in less than three clicks. I have visited the site occasionally, and I cannot remember hitting the back button. The site also provides the right information about its products across forms including descriptions, images, and technical specifications.

On the other hand, eBay has been successful because of its optimized checkout process and accommodation (Muneesh & Sareen, 2012). The site is highly flexible with personal information because it requires the least amount of information from users to check out. For instance, customers are only allowed to click on the logout button to check out. Additionally, eBay accommodates all kinds of users including first-time users, window-shoppers, category browsers, and bargain hunters (Rocha, Correia, Tan & Stroetmann, 2014). A visitor can navigate the website without registering or even going through the log-in process.


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Muneesh, K., & Sareen, M. (2012). Trust and technology in B2B e-commerce: Practices and strategies for assurance. Hershey, PA: Business Science Reference.

Rocha, Á., Correia, A. M., Tan, F. B., & Stroetmann, K. A. (2014). New Perspectives in Information Systems and Technologies. New York: Springer Science & Business Media.

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