Martin Luther and the German Reformation

First passage/observation Martin Luther and the German Reformation: Author, Source Title: Rob Sorensen. Contexts, both historical and rhetorical Rob Sorensen, a German historian with an interest in studying the development of political and religious institutions in Europe, wrote the passage. The book was written in the winter of 2016––july, and it was released that same year, despite the fact that it references events that happened in the 1480s. In Europe's capital city of Germany, the book was penned. The setup makes reference to the Leipzig area, which in the early 1600s was the most politically and religiously active. The passage is a primary source, a book that was written from the writer’s personal experience in the political and religious systems in their country.

Q5. The book was written to convey the historical aspects of religion, its evolution to the current forms and how it might change in the next few years. The author puts his effort to persuade the world’s leadership on the importance of dropping the religious differences and embrace uniform standards of worship, for the achievement of peace and cohesion.


Rob Sorensen was inspired by the rapid changes he had observed in Germany, as well as the United States of America. So many religions were springing up and formed different modes of worship, and the countries’ political; systems were undergoing drastic changes with the formulation laws which did not respect the initial codes of conducts in leadership. For example, the political systems of Germany and other parts of Europe are cited to relate to the occurrences of current age in the political and religious systems of Europe. According to me, the passage, which has information on the current generation and little bit of flashback and relation of the old systems to the current ones is significant, since leaders can use it as a benchmark of their performance and relationships.

Work Cited

Sorensen, Rob. Martin Luther and the German Reformation. Leipzig: Anthem Press, 2016. Print.

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