Flint, Michigan water Problem

The Importance of Non-Governmental Organizations in Addressing the Water Contamination Crisis in Flint, Michigan

The people of Flint, Michigan came to the realization more than a year ago that their water was contaminated with toxic levels of lead. Lead is a naturally occurring metal found in the crust of the earth. This accumulates into toxicity, thus becoming harmful to the health of a person, especially small children and pregnant women. Via the intake of water from the lead pipes, people in Flint are exposed to lead. Therefore, several non-governmental groups have volunteered to address some of the issues facing people in Flint, Michigan, while the city struggles to repair the pipes. The non-profit organization such as save the children assisted families with children and pregnant mothers by ensuring the have access to healthy foods and early childhood development programs. Foods that are prepared and served to families can help limit the absorption of lead. For example, food that is rich in iron and vitamin c nutrients make it harder for the lead to be absorbed into the body. Sources of iron include fish, chicken, and green leafy vegetable while sources of vitamin c include many fruits and vegetables.

Focus on the Long-term Health and Educational Needs of Children

Another foundation has focused on providing long-term medical and educational needs of the children affected by the lead-contaminated water. Young children are more vulnerable to the contaminated water since they absorb five times as much ingested led as adults from a given source. High levels of Lead has serious concerns about the health of children since it attacks the brain and the nervous system. Therefore, children who were exposed to long term lead poisoning may be left with behavioral disorders and mental retardation. Consequently, lead affects cognition and can lower the IQ of children. Therefore, the non-governmental organization has helped in giving special medical assistance to the mentally challenged children and educational empowerment to prevent escalation of the effects of lead positioning in Michigan.

Provision of Clean Water Distribution

Also, non-profit organizations have bought, distributed and donated more than three hundred truckloads of bottled and clean water to the residents in the city. The organization has partnered with the local churches and food shelters to help in the distribution of the water within the city. The distribution points are placed at easily accessible points where residents can drive through and volunteers load up their vehicles with water. In addition, the non-governmental organizations together with the church go from door to door to hand out to the affected families in Flint. Thus the NGOs helped in the provision of clean water for drinking and domestic use.

Charitable Donations

Charity organization such as the Catholic Charities of Genesee donates water filters, bottled water, and items of clothing to those affected by the contaminated water in Michigan. Also, the Flint water Fund is in service of a dedicated driver who distributes water and water filters all over the city every day.


Therefore, Non-governmental organizations play a critical role in the alleviation of suffering of people in the world by offering assistance and services where the government is unable to cope with or defeated.

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