Towards a Psychosocial Psychoanalysis

Psychosocial Disorder and Social Media

Psychosocial disorder is a condition in which one's conduct and attitude are influenced by their social life. Given the availability of technology, most people's social life center around social media. A social life is necessary for leading a normal existence. If a person spends the majority of their time alone, they are more prone to suffer from depression since they do not have somebody to talk to. According to psychologists, having a social life leads to a happier and more productive existence. However, excessive usage of social media may interfere with one's life. Most people who spend too much time on the internet are ill, useless members of society, and lazy. This is due to the fact that they spend most of their time on social sites and end up abandoning their normal lives. In Spain, for example, psychosocial is a great concern as it has affected even the rate of food production (Gaspar et al. 2014). Nonetheless, social media has helped sensitize several issues as well.

The Impact of Social Media in Spain

Spain is one of the countries with the greatest use of social media. The country has tried to bring sensitive issues out to the public through social media. Twitter is most commonly used the site, and so many citizens can share their views and issues on this particular site. Research carried out in the European countries showed that 73% of Europeans have access to the internet. Out of these, 54% were of Spanish origin (Gaspar et al. 2014). With these statistics, it is possible to sensitize an issue through the internet and your opinion viewed by several people. It is through the use of social media that FoodRisC project was able to discover that there was a food crisis in Spain.

The Impact of Technology on Social Interaction

Due to the great number of people who access the internet, most people have become psychosocial. Some individuals cannot go a day without having access to the internet. Sigmund Freud speculated that at some point the world would be controlled by technology and fully driven by scientific methods (Frosh, 2016). He suggested that people would be so much into technology that they would forget those close to them. Sigmund's analysis is now fulfilled as most people are hooked up to social media and have little time to socialize with one another.

The Negative Effects of Psychosocialism

Psychosocialism may have a positive effect when it comes to sensitizing issues, but has a very great negative effect on people. People lose those close to them in an attempt to connect with those who are far away from them. (TAYLOR, 2011) claims that this makes people feel lonely even when they are surrounded by loved ones. Also, people have little time to indulge in exercises and fun activities. Even when people are out on vacation, they do not enjoy the vacation, rather waste their time on the social sites.

Finding Balance in the Digital Age

Although technology has made a great impact on the world, it will also be the death of actual social lives. People need to spare some of their time to go and enjoy themselves with others. Each person has a duty to ensure that they do not base their life only on the virtual operation but also have a real life. This will lead to healthier and happier people.


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