Eating disorders and health

Eating Disorders and Nutritional Problems

Basically, eating disorder is a medical condition related to nutrition and brings in health problems from developing incorrect eating habits. This is nutrition problem usually from excesses or deficiency in diet from eating disorders and obesity, and can also be from chronic diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular conditions, hypertension, and diabetes mellitus (Anderson & Miller, 2006). There are also condition such as hereditary metabolic disorders, developmental abnormalities, food allergies and intolerance, a potential hazard in the food supply, and an interaction of drugs with the foods and nutrients.

Chronic Undernutrition and Malnutrition

However, the most significant of all is the chronic undernutrition that is experienced when there is little to no food to meet the energy needs of the body. This condition is usually accompanied by a failure to thrive, weight loss, increased susceptibility to diseases, diminished mental function and stunted growth and development in children. On the other hand, malnutrition is a condition that impairs functions, and it results from a prolonged excessive of, or deficiency in specific nutrients as essential fatty acids, proteins, minerals or vitamins. Both the malnutrition and undernutrition conditions are prevented through the eating of a balanced diet that includes fruits and vegetables.

Obesity and Diabetes Mellitus

Another condition is obesity which is the imbalance between the high energy in the diet and the declining energy expenditure due to physical inactivity. Majorly, the obesity epidemic is determined by the excess calories from starches, sugar or fat. In remedy, there should be increased physical activity and reduced intake of drinks and foods that have high fat and sugar contents. Next is the diabetic condition which involves excess blood glucose level or low glucose degree in the blood as compared to the standard level that is required or expected (Nazare, Disse, Vidal & Laville, 2009). This condition is also brought the consumption of excess calories and lack of physical activities. It is characterized by excess weight gains and in increased cholesterol. Importantly, the condition can be avoided or controlled by choosing a balanced diet that is full of whole grain foods, vegetables, and fresh fruits. Moreover, persistent exercise habit is also one of the prevention methods.

Nutrition and Cancer

Indeed, some types of cancers like that of the esophagus, colorectum, breast, endometrium, kidney, mouth, throat, liver, and others are caused by the mode of nutrition. However, the intake of tobacco is the primary cause of cancer. Pointedly, avoidance of the excessive use of tea beverages, alcohol prevents such types of cancers. Besides, excessive intake of both vegetables and fresh fruits reduce the chances of infections of all the types of cancer. Adverse reaction to certain foods due to the natural chemicals in them such as salicylates and amines cause allergies and food intolerance conditions. The reactions against certain foods are lately linked to improper nutrition that causes the inability of the body to process some foods appropriately and also triggers immune reactions to the food.

Healthy Eating Habits

In essence, a wide variety of foods should be eaten in their right amounts and proportions to achieve and maintain strong immune system, healthy body weight and to prevent the conditions that may be experienced due to the consumption of unbalanced diet. Furthermore, only the less saturated and trans fats and the polyunsaturated fats are healthy for consumption (Reckinger & Regnier, 2017). Also, there should be a reduction of salt intake, adequate intake of calcium and exposure to the sun more to the younger aged strengthens bones and muscles hence avoiding several conditions. Finally, regular physical activities are also recommended to ensure burning of excess fats.


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