A story of teenage drug addiction

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Three major side effects of addiction
A story of teenage drug addiction
My burden or challenge life?
Addiction and its impact.
I started with taking pills, smoking weed and alcohol at a very young age. I was at risk of drug abuse as a teenager thereby easily influenced to addiction at age eleven as my parents were drug addicts. I was close to my mum and it did not help matters at all. It was easy for me to imitate her since we were like two friends. Just like any other type of addiction, I started by taking pills, smoking weed and drinking till I developed a habit. Sadly, my parents did nt even consider me; rather they were deeply soaked into their drug abuse too. My life, education, and future were at risk and hanged by a thread.

In this book, I outline three effects that my addiction so me go through, which include:

1. Substance abuse effect on the body

2. Psychological effects

3. Effect on the teenager’s lifestyle

A teenager abusing drugs may not know the effects of drugs until their effects become evident. These substances affected my life depending on the type of drug I abused. My mind shifted from thinking about books to thinking of where to source out my drugs. These drugs separated me from my friends and family members, and they became my source of company. Also, I started suffering from depression and continued the abuse, which had a great impact on my physical growth.

“I had reached appoint in my life that nothing seemed of significance to me. It was just my drugs and me. How could I know that my inner self was burning and almost exploding?”

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