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I assume the speaker is extremely convincing because he starts by providing some facts about himself before beginning to make his points. For eg, he says that he is an instructor who teaches his students to tackle multiple processes of multitasking designs (Conger, 2016). This tends to make the listener trust in the knowledge that the speaker has to give them. Secondly, through a couple of measures, he has taken a stand on the topic of multitasking being less successful. For eg, opposed to multitasking, he argues that mono-tasking is better or more efficient. I think that by taking a stand on the issue he is helping the people in getting to understand the flow of his speech, and therefore they get easily convinced by the message that is being offered to them.

Moreover, the speaker is using the right language and even presenting evidence of the inefficiency of the multitasking process that will help the audience to decide or make up their mind on the exact position they should take on the case. For instance, he triggers their emotions by presenting a destroyed barbeque that was being prepared by an individual who was multitasking, such that he or she was on the phone sending short messages, mail, and posting pictures on Facebook. This makes his information to be credible as the people can relate to such incidences. He also makes it more appealing by claiming various processes that could have resulted in them missing their friend’s voices (Scott, 2017). The use of emotions has been used to make sure that the audience is responsive to the information being given to them, which, in turn, implies that they are getting the primary information being delivered to them by the speaker.


Conger, J. (2013). Mind the gaps: What limits the impact of leadership education. Journal of Leadership Studies, 6(4), 77-83.

Scott, R. J. (2017). Explaining how group model building supports enduring agreement. Journal of Management & Organization, 1-24.

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