Cultural Appropriation and Hollywood

Tonto is the deuteragonist of the Disney’s 2013 movie entitled, The Lone Ranger. He rides alone while looking for two men who were accountable for the ruin of his village. The film has acquired a series of critics ranging from its display of a noble savage, Tonto being labeled a sidekick, the dressing of the personality as a Native American, its promotion of stereotype filled imaginations with incorrect representations of the community that he strives to represent to portraying Native Americans as second-class citizens.
The foremost critic of Disney’s Tonto according to the article is the perception that the movie plays the old Hollywood stereotypes of Native Americans have been white actors playing Native Americans in movies, characters that they do not understand and as such, promote stereotyping as in the case of Depp. According to Geiogamah, former head of UCLA’s American Indian Studies program and the movie_x0092_s critic, the film could have used a qualified character. Besides, he does not like how Tonto talks as monosyllabic stuttering and believe no Native American wears war pain as Tonto portrays and hence the movie shows stereotypes against Native Americans.
Question 2
There exist a difference between cultural exchange and cultural appropriation as outlined in the article. Cultural appropriation fosters a situation where people press their cultural onto others and taking what they want. It encompasses pressing other people to adopt one_x0092_s cultural practices and sharing some of the other parties. As such, adopting different cultural orientations should not characterize a lesser feeling or behavior. Cultural exchange, on the other hand, entails promoting sharing of cultural practices without bias or coercion. It fosters some element of mutual understanding respect as well as equality for it to be an actual exchange. It also engagement with other cultures based on free will.

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