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Top Reasons to Study Viswanathan Anand

Viswanathan Anand: A Chess Legend Viswanathan Anand is an Indian chess grandmaster and five-time world champion. He became the first player from India to reach the Grandmaster level in 1988, and is one of the few players in the world to reach the Elo rating of 2800. Anand won the 2008...

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Muhammad Ali My Hero

Was Muhammad Ali your hero when you were growing up? If so, you are not alone. This article examines the influence of Muhammad Ali on American culture and society. It also highlights some of the greatest achievements of Cassius Marcellus Clay, Mary Kom, and Prince. We'll also touch on Ali's impact...

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Amelia Earhart - The First Woman to Fly Solo Across the Atlantic

Amelia Earhart's Flight Across the Atlantic When she took off to fly solo across the Atlantic in 1927, Amelia Earhart was a social worker living in Boston. A transatlantic flight was sponsored by the publishing firm G. P. Putnam and Sons, and Amelia was the first woman to do so. The...

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My Personal Hero Story

Introduction It was not a childhood ambition of mine to become a clinical nutritionist and sports psychologist. In reality, I was always intrigued by interior design as a kid. However, when I first started studying, I respected my teachers, and as a result, I fell in love with education. Every day,...

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learning by my mentor

Introduction I've seen a lot of people in various positions in my life. Ms. Victoria Jonnies, whom I knew several years ago, is one of them. She served as a news anchor for the local station's central channel. Her eloquence, which was easily recognized by many, was her most appealing attribute....

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As a student, he was the best teacher I ever had.

Teachers are supposed to train students to be better people in life. As a result, this paper investigates the characteristics of a successful teacher and how they influence the learning process. Inspirational and Motivating In many respects, the teacher was inspirational and motivating, which prompted us to believe in him. He made...

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Fail or Serve

The Importance of Including College Students in Volunteer Activities The essay entitled Serve or Fail by Dave Eggers illustrates the importance of including college students in volunteer activities and still on campus. Concerns about Time Off Much of the time, the final weeks at the campus are the safest for a lot of...

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