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I’ve seen a lot of people in various positions in my life. Ms. Victoria Jonnies, whom I knew several years ago, is one of them. She served as a news anchor for the local station’s central channel. Her eloquence, which was easily recognized by many, was her most appealing attribute. She was a fantastic newscaster, and many people admired the way she delivered the news. Joni’s success in the television industry encouraged me to dream to be in her shoes. I was shocked to see how much journalism expertise she has. Whenever she would conduct a report, the contents were so well put forward it would make most people want to listen to more news. She never believed in the need for her work to be supervised because Jonnies handled her duties well. Passion and interest are some of the virtues she attributed her success to and the two virtues have taught her to work hard and work smart without being forced. I could tell she loved her job judging from the way she spoke about her normal routines in her workplace. I admired her so much that I saw myself in her. I wanted to be the next Ms. Victoria Jonnies. The love for her job triggered something in me and stirred my interest in wanting to portray many of Jonnies qualities in the future. The interaction between Victoria and I taught me so many things other than how to become great in presenting news. My take away points were to always have good morals and to never stop learning.
During one of the occasions mentioned above, I was able to interact with her one on one which was an excellent opportunity for me to ask and receive the information from such an influential role model in my life. Initially, I was surprised at how humble and engaging Ms. Victoria Jonnies was judging from her success and her position in the society as a media personality. She was kind enough to share details about her work life as journalism was the topic we mainly talked about. Finally, she began to advise me on how to bring out the best of me in my life. I was moved by the fact that she wanted to help me become good in this industry. Very few people get comfortable enough to want to share details about their lives or work life to strangers during a first interaction. I loved her more because she took a keen interest in what I wanted to become in future and even advised on how to perfect my strengths and improve my weaknesses.
Jonnies influenced me to read books and articles and this turned out to be very useful later in my life. She also inspired me to read newspapers, articles, magazines, journals, watch educative channels, be updated with the technology, and to associate myself with successful people in life. She continued to say that, “I should believe in continuous learning no matter the role that I do and try to further its knowledge on a regular basis.” She was very talented in the way of putting forth information and was so friendly to everyone who approached her. Jonnies seemed brave and never feared those in power in society. Most of the events that she covered involved prominent people in the community, who may have had considerable influence in the way she covered the news. I loved that she advocated for the truth even in situations where everyone else was against it. Interviewing individuals was another role she handled effortlessly and this made me admire her. The interviews allowed for Jonnies to meet many people from different diversities and I believe this is what has taught her to interact with people well regardless of their background or ethnicity.
As she shared her story, Jonnies exposed just how much she had gone through in life to be who she is now. She never turned anyone down whenever they asked for her assistance or advice. Outside the newsroom, she maintained a healthy body. Her secret to her body was the love for cooking and exercising. Jonnies advised me to keep fit and make sure that I eat a balanced diet to maintain a healthier body. I hated that the day came to an end because it meant I had to say goodbye. I had found a friend in Vitoria Jonnies and this led to giving her my number when she asked for it. After that day, she continued to call to find out how I was fairing and if there were any improvements in my learning. The follow-ups she did push me to work on making myself better in journalism. I promised myself not to rest until I saw some significant change in my life. Jonnies was there for me to offer any assistance that I needed and she never took the easy way out like many mentors may do in the world today. She always portrayed a look of compassion and empathy that would forever help me realize how unique she was. She inspired me and even changed my life trajectories. From the day I met her, I made it a mission to work hard at everything I did to pay back the first instance kindness which I was repeatedly shown by her. I learned the true meaning of living and started striving to achieve some of the qualities that I learned from Jonnies. By the time I was in my tenth grade, I had begun to see the purpose and the benefits come from my learning. I worked hard to make sure that I emulated my mentor in all good ways. From time to time, I took the opportunity to look into the rearview mirror of my life and analyze how much change has impacted my life.
In summary, Ms. Victoria Jonnies was an excellent person and an ideal journalist whom many people watched when it was her turn to do the news presentation. Many liked the channel she worked for and it became the leading channel among the local stations. People loved and respected her so much. I have significantly been influenced by her honesty, punctuality, good grooming, talent, and sensitive nature. Jonnies inspired me to be a leader and a better person than I could ever have been before I met her. I was encouraged to do and be the best I could be in every situation in life. She also encouraged me to continue to learn throughout my life. Even though I have been a stay at home mom for several years, I try to enhance my learning by reading books and watching documentaries. I still remember Ms. Victoria Jonnies and the encouraging words that she told me the day I met her for the first time. I must admit that if I had never met her, I would have missed out on a significant experience in my life.

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