My Personal Hero Story

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It was not a childhood ambition of mine to become a clinical nutritionist and sports psychologist. In reality, I was always intrigued by interior design as a kid. However, when I first started studying, I respected my teachers, and as a result, I fell in love with education. Every day, I looked forward to entering this noble career and making a difference in people’s lives. This carried on until my mother had anxiety problems and needed to go to therapy. She always brought me along and had me greet her psychiatrist. That’s how I became interested in psychology. To me, psychology was art that directly touched people’s lives by enabling them to navigate various difficult issues that they struggle with. I can’t say that I am easily influenced because since I decided that Psychology was the right career path for me, I have never looked back or changed my focus from this life goal. Soon I will become a sports psychologist, and I will practice it passionately for the rest of my life.

Besides sports psychology, soon I will become a clinical nutritionist. I enrolled for an online nutritionist course at Cornell out of passion. This came from a success story earlier in my life. As a little girl, I used to be overweight. I could not control my eating habits, and I hated myself for the uncontrollable appetite I had. Unlike other children with a similar condition, I decided to control it myself. I started taking only three healthy meals per day. Lunch was my favorite as there were no parents in the school to decide what I eat hence I only took fruits and vegetables. The results were amazing. The appetite decreased and my body went back to a healthy routine. This joy had to be spread to other children hence I helped a few to control their eating disorders as well. Becoming a clinical nutritionist will enable me to positively impact the lives of my clients by enabling them to live healthily. This profession is a dream come true for me.

My Hero story 2

Apparently, I am now two years since I became a vegan. How I became one is a different story, but how I managed is the interesting part. Initially, I never thought I would last a month. My passion for meat was so great that the thought of spending a single day without the taste of grilled chicken or barbequed mutton sounded like an alien story to me. I thought vegans were fools when it came to diet and taste. A change of was inevitable when I met my 36-year-old aunt, whose skin was as flawless as that of a baby’s armpit. Besides being twice my age, she was also twice as beautiful as I was. When I talked to her, I became even more surprised, her healthy as similarly robust. She never knew acne, her stomach was always in order and her she was always energized. More importantly, her sweat was not as smelly as mine. She could manage to wear a blouse twice if she wanted. Her only secret was being a vegan.

At the age of 18, I began my journey as a vegan. At the beginning, I was just trying it out. Imagining a life without meat was just not my thing. My first meal was a spinach and pumpkin salad, with carrot juice and a piece of pineapple. It felt like torture; I could never imagine telling any of my friends of what I had eaten as they would laugh at me. Regardless, I finished the meal but dreaded for the next one. Later on, I researched on scrumptious vegan recipes and decided to try on the lifestyle for a week. A week became a month, a month became a year, and a year became two. When I compare my life before and after becoming a vegan, I see so much difference that I could not have achieved even with continuous detoxification. There was a myriad of challenges that I had to struggle with before I fully adapted to this new lifestyle. The greatest challenge was overcoming the influence, the charm and the sight of my friends enjoying meat delicacies. Although it sounds like a challenge you can easily overcome, it is so much more difficult when you have to practically do it (Pooler, 2015).

I don’t regret becoming a vegan even a single moment. There are many benefits that have come with this lifestyle, some of which I never thought I could achieve. First, I am relatively much healthier nowadays. I fall sick less often hence I can concentrate more on my studies. Secondly, I significantly lowered my risk for chronic diseases such as cancer, stroke, and gout. In addition to that, my skin is amazingly smooth. I don’t use much skin products, and acne is a thing of the past. Lastly, I can save more, practice various vegan dish recipes and boast of a healthy lifestyle. Although this has been quite a challenging journey, the results are worth the effort and I can advise everyone to try it out. It is prudent to be a vegan.


Pooler, M. (2015). Writing Life: Early Twentieth-century Autobiographies of the Artist-hero (Vol. 4). Oxford University Press.

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