technology use in the classrooms to teach mathematics

In today's classrooms, technology is widely employed to teach mathematics. Students find arithmetic more interesting with the use of technology equipment, resulting in a greater grasp. As a result, teachers and students employ math-tech resources to solve mathematical problems, allowing them to cover more class topic in less time. According to Beaver et al. (2013), technology has helped pupils envision mathematical issues and actively engage in learning processes. The teacher math-tech materials assist students in developing a positive attitude, which allows them to be confident while approaching mathematical equations (Anderson, 2008). There are, however, criteria for evaluating and locating the usefulness and appropriateness of math-tech materials. When selecting these resources, for instance, the mathematics websites like the ABCya ( and IXL (, one has to consider how best the websites can deliver and give positive results to the students; an appropriate and integrated math-tech resource inputs technology in every aspect of solving analytical problems. One has to consider whether the websites conforms to the learning standards; websites like ABCya ( and IXL ( are subject related and conforms to the standards of learning that will make them to appropriate for learning. Another important aspect is the role played by teachers in using some of these websites, websites like ABCya ( and IXL ( require very little assistance from the teacher, the learner can easily use the website without any problems. Based on the way the mathematics ideas have been arranged; in an enjoyable manner, the learners will always find it interesting to plays around with the website as it be interesting to them. The last and less import aspect is the cost of the subcription of the websites; ABCya ( and IXL ( have annual fees that has to ppay in order to get login details. According to Strebe’s research (2010), when these factors and criteria are taken into consideration, the resources will always suite the needs of the leaners thus, having positive implications in learners’ abilities.

In summary, with continuing technological advances; one has to be able to choose the most suitable resource for the right mathematical equations and resources they can easily learn how to operate. Therefore efficiency and knowing the targeted learner group is very instrumental when it comes to evaluating the appropriateness of the math-tech resource.


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