Differences in-text citations of short stories, poems, and drama

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Appropriate quotation of sources in any research paper, book or news article is critical. There are precise formats for referencing adopted for some fields of study. For instance (MLA) Modern Language Association is commonly used for citing lookup papers in the fields of art, language or literature. The guideline in this referencing style helps one to avoid fees of plagiarism. However, the in-text citations differ when applied in short stories, drama, and poetry.
In brief stories, each text citation ought to include the last name of the creator of the short story and the page number from which the summarized data or the quoted statement is obtained. These two pieces of information are placed in parentheses directly after the cited information (Fox 45). For instance, in “Barn Burning” Sarty Snopes helps his father his father to burn their neighbors’ stores (Faulkner 23). In citation where you may have mentioned the author, only the page number should appear in parenthesis.

When citing a poem, the in-text citation should include; the author’s last name, the title of the poem, and the line number(s) in the parenthesis showing where the quotation is sourced from (Gibaldi 23). In instances where one is to cite more than one page, then double quotations should be applied in the quotations and separated by a slash (/) and whatever is capitalized in the original poem should be capitalized. For instance, In “Prologue” Bradstreet uses words such as “Wars, Captains and Kings” to portray male dominance in the society (1). Where one is to quote more than one line; in “prologue” Bradstreet expresses the feminine struggle in the male-dominated society: “And let Greeks be Greeks and women be who they are” / “Men can do well, but women do better” (8-9).

In quoting a conversation between two or more characters in the play, the quote should be started on a new line and indented from the margin. The name of the speakers should be in capital followed by their lines, and if the quotes of the speakers continue to the next line, it should be further indented. For instance,

OTHELLO: I will deny thee!

DESDEMONA: Shall I deny you? (4.4. 77-78)

In citing the prose plays, the page numbers appear first then followed by a semicolon and the other identification information. An example is (Bretch 7; Act 1).

In conclusion, MLA referencing style outshines the other methods in quoting literature, language, and art related fields as the information cited can assist the reviewers to trace the information used in a research paper easily for the page number is provided.

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