Exploration Research Paper: Civil Rights: Marriage Equality for Same-sex couples

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Marriage equality is an issue that has sparked many controversies over the years, particularly about its legitimacy and the civil rights that have been established to regulate the definition. The aim of the exploration research paper is to provide clear detail about why the researcher selected the subject and what contributed to the study of the highlighted points. The paper will explain the primary concepts and also provide a basis of understanding for various arguments related to the challenges experienced by the LGBTQ+ Community and the political policies that have been developed by the government administrators related to the topic of study, which is aimed at improving the condition of the group in the society.

There are various topics of discussion that can be analyzed in diverse communities across the globe. However, the study aimed at discussing issues related to civil rights, especially dealing with marriage equality for same-sex couples. Recently, there have been debates on the legality of the LGBTQ+ Community and there has been evidence that the rate of discrimination of the group has been increasing in the society. Despite the fact that there are policies, rules and regulations that have been developed with an aim of making sure that there is equality and that all persons in a nation have been given the right to marriage, the LGBTQ+ Community has been found to experience an immense challenge in carrying out various duties freely (Chan 146). I carried out an analysis of the most recent problem being faced by individuals in different countries across the globe, which also helped in guaranteeing that I discuss an issue that is relevant to the current generation and can assist in improving the condition of families in the society.

The choice of the topic helped in introducing new ideas that could help in developing the study. The concept that was clear and could aid in writing a reliable paper is based on the fact that the political and government administrators in a nation are responsible for improved relationship among individuals as well as reduced cases of discrimination, and I based my argument on LGBTQ+ Community and the political ideologies that have been found to accompany it. I decided to base my argument on the political ideologies since they help in creating an impact on various activities undertaken by individuals in an institution, business environment, and the nation. Therefore, having a clear understanding of the policies that have affected the LGBTQ+ Community will help in addressing how possible solutions can be attained to facilitate the effectiveness and efficiency in acquiring the primary needs of individuals in the nation, which will also aid in making sure that a healthy environment has been built across the globe. The process will also help in guaranteeing that economic stability and processes undertaken by individuals in various industries have been improved based on the fact that the available resources, skills, and knowledge will be shared without discrimination of race, gender or marriage type that has been adopted by a family (McLean and Connor 26).

The primary points of the study were aimed at explaining the relationship between the LGBTQ+ Community and other families in the society and the strategies that have been implemented by the government administrators to ensure that the issue has been handled effectively. Studies that have been carried out and published by scholars over the years were used as the reference materials, and the information gathered were compared to ensure that the analysis contained only reliable data, information, and reports from scholarly concepts. The LGBTQ+ Community has been explained to encounter diverse problems in the society, which include discrimination and disrespect in most instances, which has affected their esteem in the society as well as their participation in various activities aimed at improving nation building and development (Adelman 247).

The topics in the study include why the LGBTQ+ Community have not been provided with the same civil rights as other groups in America, which are also considered as minority groups. I chose the topic because there are civil rights that have been provided by the government administrators in the nation of America, which are aimed at governing the minority groups, but it seems that the LGBTQ+ Community has been discriminated since they have not been given the same chances as the other groups. The aspect has increased cases of discrimination in the society since the LGBTQ+ Community are not considered equal with the others.

The other point discussed in the study is the notion behind what possible steps can be introduced by the government administrators to ensure that there is equality in the nation (Taylor, Kari and Kyle 156). The topic is necessary for suggesting various strategies that can be implemented in the nation of America to ensure that issues faced by the LGBTQ+ Community have been handled and that policies have been introduced to facilitate effectiveness of attaining equality in the nation. The process will assist in reducing cases of discrimination among individuals and the minority groups in the society (Fingerhut 2230).

The primary focus of the study will be aimed at discussing marriage inequality as well as the civil rights of minority groups, which has been explained as the major issue that has been facing the LGBTQ+ Community over the years. The factor has affected various activities undertaken in the nation by the LGBTQ+ Community since they feel that they are being discriminated and have not been provided with equal rights as the other groups in the nation. The policies that have been developed in America by the government administrators only favor the other minority groups except for the LGBTQ+ Community, which is a primary concern in the nation (Outlaw 78). Therefore, developing a discussion of marriage inequality and the civil rights that should be introduced to ensure that all persons have been treated equally will help the government administrators and other scholars understand the impact of the issue in the nation.


The topic of discussion is considered as sensitive in society since it aims at discussing issues related to same-sex marriage, which has not been legalized in diverse nations. However, it is relevant in developing a discussion on the political ideologies that have been developed based on the topic as well as the impact created on the LGBTQ+ Community in recent years. Despite the notion that there might be challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ Community in the society, developing the study will aid in creating awareness on the rights of individuals in a nation as well as the policies that should be developed and implemented to ensure that issues related to discrimination have been handled to create a positive attitude among families in various communities.

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