Ethics on Adults and Minors Having the Same Access to Birth Control

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Due to the ethics and morality surrounding the issue, I would not allow minors to have the same access to birth control as adults. The public has been making efforts for a long time to discourage the procurement of contraceptive services by minors. The public also addresses whether children should be able to access reproductive health services in a private way or by the old method involving parents while they are sexually active. In my view, access to birth control should be refused to minors to increase transparency and moral conduct. Pediatricians and parents have a crucial role in minors’ reproductive healthcare that involves counseling to engage them in activities that do not put their health at risk or expose them to early pregnancies.

The minors should postpone sexual activity until they are ready since involvement with any sexual activity may have some financial, physical, and emotional consequences which may be difficult to handle. Encouraging the minor to use contraceptives to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and minimize the risk of early pregnancies is a wrong practice since it promotes promiscuousness among the teenagers. Teenagers who have been exercising abstinence would have a motivation to become sexually active. Giving birth control to the minors is not always a responsible action since it has negative consequences. Additionally, birth control would send a mixed message to a teen who may at some time feel confused given marriage and sex. Parents typically emphasize the importance of respect, commitment, love, and responsible behavior in matters of relationship. Giving birth control to a minor will tolerate sexual behavior without the knowledge of whether the teen is in a healthy relationship.

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