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Overlook Abortion

The abortion controversy tends to provoke a wide range of responses from both pro-choice and pro-life advocates. Both sides base their claims on the act's morality. The prochoice movement argues that there is no risk in getting an abortion if it is needed by circumstances. According to prochoice advocates, the...

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The debate

The abortion controversy revolves around pro-life and pro-choice options. The controversy centers around abortion law and the degree to which people believe abortion rights, or lack thereof, should be restricted. It is about what happens to the unborn and who actually determines what happens to them and under what circumstances....

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Abortion- Pro-choice versus Pro-life

Abortion applies to pregnancy termination. Abortion is a topical topic and one of the contentious ethical issues that is popular across the globe. In abortion, the core ethical question includes the fight between life and freedom. There are usually two classes of people, the pro-choice and the pro-life groups. The...

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Abortion pro-life

The acceptability of abortion is a contentious maternal and health problem that is hotly contested. The majority of the arguments revolve around life's societal problems, moral orientation, and the pursuit of justice, among other things. From a governmental and religious standpoint, there are major differences in the definition of a...

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