Essays on Byzantine Empire

Aachen’s Palatine Chapel

The Palatine Chapel is the sole survivor of Charlemagne’s Palace of Aachen’s early medieval chapel, which is located in what is now Germany. the chapel in the palace where the monarch lived. Many of the early emperors associated with the Catholic Church constructed one or more churches in their palaces,…

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islam and art

The greatest genius of Muslim civilisation is thought to be art. Islamic artists used creativity to express their inner convictions in a variety of abstract ways, which resulted in the creation of incredible artistic creations. By rejecting the representation of living things and inventing new aesthetic trends that significantly depart…

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Italy’s San Vitale, Ravenna, and the Emperor Justinian and His Attendants, around 547

Because it was produced over a long period of time and spans a number of topographical regions that radiate from Constantinople, the Roman Empire’s capital, Byzantine art is difficult to define (Khan Academy, n.d.). Emperor Justinian constructed the mosaics in the cathedral of San Vitale in the sixth century. Emperor…

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Empire of Byzantine

Iconoclasm is the hostility made towards visual symbols and image destruction. This was ttypical during the Byzantine Empire. Iconoclasm was a positive move since it looked toward integrating both the Jewish and Islamic population. Icons could also lead to the distraction of worshippers from their spiritual undertakings, additionallyn to promoting…

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