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Your Julius Caesar essay may tell about the day in January 49 BC, when Rome was overcome by panic. The senators, abandoning their riches, strove for the ports in order to leave Italy as soon as possible: "The Republic has fallen! Caesar is moving on Rome!" The Senate fled to Greece, fearing bloody repressions. However, the senators' fear was in vain. The one who moved on Rome – the conqueror of the Gauls, the famous commander Guy Caesar from the Julian clan, was not going to punish anyone. Julius Caesar essays explore his long path to the heights of power. Despite the setbacks, he stubbornly pursued his goal – to become the first in Rome. Samples of Essays on Julius Caesar show us that he succeeded. After 30 years of political war, Rome recognized Caesar’s power. Check Julius Caesar essay samples below to get further acquainted with Caesar and improve your essay.

Caesar - A Political Leader in Ancient Rome

Caesar was a political leader in ancient Rome, known for his many victories over his opponents. He was the son of an aristocratic family and grew up in a turbulent Roman Republic. His father died when he was 16 and his mother remained close to him. The Optimates, traditionalists who favored...

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