Christian theology

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Christian theology illuminates a variety of topics that affect human life. It teaches Christians, in particular, to allow their faith in jesus christ to explain certain issues, especially when it comes to death. Death is a subject that both believers and non-believers have several concerns about. Allowing one’s faith to direct one’s answers to such questions is important for a Christian. As a result, this paper examines death from a religious perspective, as well as its biblical foundation and effect on our everyday lives.
Death as described by theology
Death has been described in a variety of ways by different theologians. Both agree, however, that death happens when the immaterial portion of huma dies. Gabriel Etzel in his book; Theology Applied: A Living Faith, expounds more on the whole subject of death. A man is usually a body and a soul. Therefore, death occurs when the soul, which is the spiritual being of a man, is separated from the body. For this reason, we can consequently say that death is not the destiny of a man since it comprises the physical aspect, which involves the body and the spiritual aspect, involving the soul. As such, a person can be dead physically but alive spiritually and vice versa (McGrath, 2016). Spiritual death occurs when a person’s soul is disconnected from God, the creator and the Spirit has not been enlivened.

Biblical foundation of death

The Bible gives more insight on the issue of death about Christians. In Ecclesiastes, it differentiates between physical and spiritual death. Ecclesiastes 12:7 states that after the death of an individual the spirit (soul) goes back to God and the dust (body) goes back to the earth. It shows that after the physical death, the body decays and goes back to its constituent elements while soul goes back to God. Ephesians 2:2-5, tells us how we were dead in sins before we became Christians but through Christ Jesus, God made us alive together with Him. Paul, the Apostle, continues to explain in Ephesians 4:18 and Timothy 5:6, how a person might be dead even when he/she lives and that spiritual death is alienation from God’s life. Thus, every individual will undergo physical death. But, whoever who will not have been enlivened spiritually will be separated from God for eternity (Corey, 2002). Nevertheless, those who will be enlivened spiritually will have eternal life (John 17:3).

Truths about death and its influence on day to day activities

It’s evident from the Bible that death came as a result of disobedience. When Adam and Eve sinned, they died spiritually at the moment, and as a result, it led to physical death. Since the Bible records that, death is as a result of sin (Rom 6:23), the concept of death, therefore, plays a crucial role in a Christian’s life. Being a Christian, and that there is eternity with God for those who obey Him, it is important to live a life that is pleasing to God by obeying His commands and avoiding sin at all circumstances. This is the only way that a believer can evade Spiritual death. The truths about death help believers to live with harmony with one another as well as live morally upright lives (Vos, 2003). There will be a judgment also, after resurrection where everyone will give an account of their deeds here on earth (Rom 2: 6) and hence a believer or a student is called to watch his/her steps every day.


For Christians, we are aware that death is not the end of life. Hence we should not be afraid of it nor be distressed over our loved ones who die before us since we shall be reunited with them again. It is also crucial to allow our faith in Christ to guide us, and as such we can live a righteous life here on earth.


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