Religion is the robust belief and worship of a supernatural being or god. Religion is part of the human society. Research shows that religiosity has had each positive and negative impacts on human life. This paper examines the transformational have an impact on of Christianity as one of the major religions of the world. Using a case study of an individual, it discusses various methods in which the Christian worldview has positively impacted on people’s life.
Christianity is a monotheistic religion that is founded on the life and message of Jesus Christ. Christ is the founder of the faith. Christianity is arguably the biggest faith with well over 2 billion followers (Smith & Marranca 30). The members of the religion, known as Christians, believe that Christ is the son of God whose coming was prophesied in the Old Testament. Every Christian believes that Jesus died for the salvation of humankind. James Kirk is a 56-year-old emeritus tutor of American and European philosophy at the Wadham College, University Of Oxford. Until 2012 he was the director of the institution’s center of contemporary religious studies. He is a former member of the US Association of Atheists. He studied at the University of Bristol where he graduated with a first class bachelor of arts in European and Asian studies. Although he is an enthusiast in religious studies, Kirk has been an atheist for many years. He has, however, converted to Christianity. He shared with the author about his past life and the turning point that saw him receive Christ.

Thesis Statement

In the paper, the author outlines how faith in God liberated the subject from alcoholism. It also shows how the Christian faith helped Kirk realize his purpose in life. Since receiving Christ, he has helped in mentoring young people who find it hard to believe in the message of the cross. Noteworthy also is that salvation has brought happiness, love, and joy in kirk’s life. He has found his destiny and peace in Jesus.


Battle with Alcoholism

James Kirk opens up that he was exposed to alcohol at a tender age. Growing up, he saw his father and elder siblings take a beer at the balcony of their rural home in Pennsylvania. In college, he hung around friends who took alcohol. It is, therefore, no surprise that he started drinking at the age of 18 years. Kirk’s alcoholism took root after college. He would get up from work and meet up with friends for a beer. Before he knew it, he would drink every day. He got from drinking in the evening to drinking before, during and after work. His drinking problem got worse until he could not keep a job. Kirk’s turning point came on 14th May 2005 when he woke up feeling sickly after a night of heavy drinking. As he sat, he began to cry himself out, asking God to help him. He confessed that he did not want to live that life anymore. From that moment, he lost the desire for the bottle. He got a Bible and began to read and study it in a new way. He had read it before, but not in the way he did after committing his life to Christ. He knew God but did not know anything about forgiveness, repentance, justification and sanctification. Kirk has been able to stay clean for close to fifteen years now. Salvation has opened his eyes to a new perspective on life. His church community provided support and a good environment free of alcohol. Christianity helped to keep him grounded.

Finding purpose

Most people agree that finding one’s purpose in life is not an easy task. Kirk cannot agree more. He opens up that he struggled a lot to find his purpose in life. Kirk tried his luck at many activities with little success. He changed jobs and stations in search of fulfillment. Not even a teaching job in reputable institutions could fill the void in his life. Noteworthy, however, Bible study helped him to build his faith in Christ. Gradually, he started feeling a great compulsion to proclaim the goodness in trusting in God. He felt that Jesus was asking him to proclaim His word. Though he was skeptical about the idea, the Pennsylvania-born scholar now derives satisfaction in speaking about the life-changing message of the cross. He has started a youth outreach program that targets young people who have lost faith in salvation. He uses his experience to prove that Christianity is a lifestyle that is worth living. Through his newfound purpose, Kirk has been able to transform the lives of other people. He derives satisfaction in this course and looks forward to winning more souls for Christ.

Finding peace, love, and joy in Jesus

Kirk shares that his faith in Christ has transformed him into a better man. Before salvation, he could not keep a job because of his drinking habit. He lost his house and was on the verge of losing his family. His new-found faith has taught him to treasure and love his wife and children. He reveals that nothing brings him joy more than being a responsible husband and father. He shares that Christian living is peaceful gives him through life’s hardest situations. He is indebted to God for saving him from paganism and alcoholism.


The paper has used the case study of James Kirk to bring forth the transformative influence of religion. In this paper, the author outlines the role of Christianity in changing his life. Through faith, Kirk beat alcoholism, and helplessness to become a responsible man. Most importantly, Christianity has taught him how to love his family. He finds joy and purpose in the faith.

Work Cited

Smith, Huston, and Richard Marranca. The World’s Religions. New York: Harper One, 2009. Print

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