Values of the Christian World

Before Jesus came to earth, man was governed by the law, which was designed to condemn him. Man is now free as a result of Jesus Christ’s birth and death. These verses describe man, God, and what man can do to become like God: God is holy, but man is a sinner. God’s justice is revealed to man in the form of Jesus Christ. In order for God to manifest himself, a Christian must have faith in Jesus Christ, which is accomplished by grace. Man is set free and saved because of the blood of Jesus.
Summarize Matthew 5:44.
This verse extends the command of loving our neighbors. Jesus asks Christians to love all their neighbors including those whom they feel that is a challenge to love (the enemies). Instead of revenging, Christians should pray that those who persecute them may change.

How does the textbook interpret Matthew 18:21-35 and the Christian’s ability to forgive others?

According to the interpretation in the textbook, a Christian ought to forgive countless times. The Jewish traditions indicated that one was supposed to forgive three times and so peter thought that he was good enough forgiving seven times. It is at this moment that Jesus gave the parable of the unforgiving servant who had been forgiven a huge debt and could not forgive his fellow servant. According to the textbook, we have countless sins but God forgives and as such, Christians ought to forgive others without counting the number of times they have forgiven.

Describe the Christian view of salvation and how it differs from the views of other religions.

According to Christianity, salvation comes through Jesus Christ to those who believe in him. The foundation of this religion is on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ who is its founder. Unlike other religions, salvation is a reward to those who believe and have faith in God through Jesus Christ. Other religions for example Islam believe that one will gain eternal life by how they live here on earth and relate with God but not through Jesus Christ. To them, Jesus Christ is not the son of God but He is a prophet like other prophets. Unlike other religions, Christianity teaches that God became man and came to the world in order to give man salvation and mend the relationship between man and God.

What three words beginning with “R” used in the lesson and lecture summarize the gospel message?

Righteousness, Redemption and Regeneration.

Briefly summarize Isaiah 53:4-6.

Man is sinful and has gone astray and to restore man’s relationship with God, Jesus came and suffered for our sake. Through the suffering on the cross, all man’s troubles were taken away from him and all diseases were healed. Man sinned and deserved punishment and instead of taking the deserved punishment, Jesus through his death on the cross took all the punishment and can now live in peace. (This was the prophecy of Prophet Isaiah about what Jesus would go through in order to save mankind)

What is the mark of a Christian according to Jesus in John 13:35?

According to this verse, the mark of a Christian is love.

Read Hebrews 9:24-28. Briefly state the point in each of the last three verses (26-28).

Hebrews: 9:26- Jesus suffered once and will not suffer again and this suffering was in atonement for the sin of man.

Hebrews: 9:27- Man dies only once and there is life after death. Upon death man will then face judgment.

Hebrews: 9:28- Jesus will come again a second time this time not to suffer but to bring salvation to those who believe in him and do according to what he desires and instructs.

Summarize John 20:24-29. What is the significance of this passage for Christians today?

Upon his resurrection, Jesus appeared to his disciples but one of them, Thomas, was not with them and when he came, they told him that he had appeared to them. Thomas did not believe and wanted to see for himself and touch Jesus to be sure it was him. Jesus then appeared to them where they had locked themselves and asked Thomas to touch him. It is after seeing Jesus that Thomas believed but Jesus tells him that blessed are those who believe in him even without having to see him.

This scripture is significant to Christians today in that through Jesus’ revelation to Thomas, all future doubt about his resurrection was expelled. it is also important that it strengthens the faith of Christians on the risen Lord.

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