Harold Koontz ideas on Management


Management, according to Harold Koontz, is the art of getting things done by individuals working in formally organized groups. He continued by saying that it was an act of creating an atmosphere where people could carry out various duties and where people could collaborate to achieve shared objectives. This essay provides a summary of the key managerial ideas that have been discussed, the lesson I have learned, and lastly a personal action that demonstrates how I intend to put what I have learned into practice.

How managers make choices when presented with moral conundrums

In this concept, managers can use four different approaches to guide them when deciding what to do. These approaches are utilitarian, individual, moral rights and justice. When using the practical method is based on what is best for most people. The individual approach is based on what is best for the individual's long-term concern. The correct right approach is based on the fundamental human rights, and finally, we have the justice approach which uses standards set based on fairness and equity. The last two approaches are the best to solve ethical dilemma as they are not based on an individual's interest or what a group wants but on principles that define right and wrong.

Global factors that affect management

The other concept is the global factors that affect management. We see how e-commerce has influenced the globalization of companies leading to a global economy. However, we have different cultures around the world, and they do have an impact of on globalization of organizations. For example to what extent should people avoid uncertainty using social norms or the set rules? It is not wise to start a bacon production company in a Muslim country as their beliefs are against it which raises a lot of uncertainties. I also got to learn how the different cultural variations such as language and commercial space affect globe projects.

Planning in an organization

The final concept is how to go about planning in an organization. There are three types of planning; strategic, tactical and operational and they all apply to different levels of management. Successful planning involves developing a good mission statement defining the purpose of the organization, developing a good vision statement to give a clear indication of is intended for the future and finally a strategic plan defining the long-term goals of the organization.

Lessons Learned

The first significant take away from this is how I would go about implementing planning in my organization. First I would come up with a mission and vision. Then I would come up with a strategic plan. To ensure that I maintain my strategic plan I would implement strategic management and strategic innovation. By using strategic management, all my managers would be involved when coming up with goals and strategies. The goals that my managers and I come up with should be SMART. That is specific, measurable, attainable, results-oriented and target dates. It means that all parts of the organization will be in a position to understand what is expected of them. On the other hand, implementing strategic innovation would mean that as a company we would be able to reinvent ourselves to ensure we keep up with our competitors. What this takes away has taught me is that while coming up with my goals I guarantee they are SMART. It is one area that I require to improve on so that I can be ready when I finally attain a managerial position.

Finally, I need to be a competent planner to be a good manager. Being an effective planner comes with being able to think strategically. Thinking strategically will help me come up with a course of action that can be used to achieve the goals I have set for the company. To improve my strategic thinking, I need to be well informed and strategically innovative. Most of these skills are acquired through experience. Hence, it means being able to efficiently manage the small aspects of my life which will translate into how can adapt ton managing an organization.

Another significant take away is that ethics and values play a vital role when it comes to managing organizations. I have learned that as a manager I can use the two value systems to solve ethical conflicts. The two value system involves a system that stresses on the financial performance versus a system that stresses more on employee cohesion and solidarity; this is a practice I would like to implement as a manager.

Action Plan

The first thing for me to be good manager, I require having a secure ethical code. To ensure that I have this I will undergo various training programs. One of my weaknesses is that I am against whistleblowers as they disrupt the cohesion between employees. However, as a manager, ethically I am required to do away with my contempt for them and reward them instead for coming forward.

To be a successful manager, one needs to be geocentric. Luckily, this is one of my characteristics. I believe that despite the differences and similarities brought about by the origin of the personnel whether home or foreign, the most effective techniques should be used. Another thing that I require to be a successful international manager is to outsource globally. This means I need to be well traveled and up to date on current economic markets. Since at the moment am not, this is an area I need to improve on.

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