A movie “Gifted”

The film entitled “Gifted” is a comedy-drama genre film about a 7-year old female Mary Adler who possesses special intellectual abilities. Her mother, Diane committed suicide when Mary used to be only six months old, and Frank, Diane’s brother and Mary’s uncle becomes the little girl’s custodian. The two form a strong, loving bond and fearing for her niece’s opportunity of not having a “normal“ childhood; Frank takes Mary to the local school as an alternative of a private learning institution for the talented children. Mary’s teacher recognizes the gift that the baby possessed and soon enough Mary s offered a threat to join a private school a recommendation that Frank refuses. Frank’s mother who is Mary’s grandmother realizes the gifts that her granddaughter has and seeks custody of the child to prepare her for a life that is focused on mathematical problem-solving. Overwhelmed with the fear of losing the suit brought against him, Frank compromises and accepts an agreed deal that leads to Mary being taken into foster care and attending the private school. This move makes the relationship between Frank and Mary turn sour until Frank finds out that Mary’s pet is up for adoption. He realizes he made a mistake in taking Mary to foster care and he goes on to get her niece back. The two eventually reunite.

The three most important characters in the film are Mary Adler, Frank, and Evelyn, Mary’s grandmother. Mary is a spirited young girl who exhibits a likable character shown by her relationship with Frank, her pet cat and the landlady Roberta. She is also intellectually gifted and easily upset when asked to do what she doesn’t like. Frank, on the other hand, is a middle-aged soft spoken person who seems always to avoid conflict whenever possible. However, he is also direct when it comes to expressing his concerns and thoughts. Additionally, he is simple both in dress and speech without necessarily attracting any unwanted attention. Evelyn, a somewhat elderly lady, is portrayed as a strict person who always wants her decisions to be final. She is selfish by not considering the feelings and needs of Mary and also quite irritable when her wishes are not implemented.

Two of the most significant communication problems that occur between the characters in the film include non-verbal communication and conflict approaches. During instances of conflict, Mary avoids responding to Franks question as she knows she has done something wrong. Her non-verbal communication coupled with playing with the Legos while Frank is admonishing her shows her guilt. Frank deals with this silent communication by insisting that Mary stops playing with the toys. He also repeatedly asks her questions to make sure that she answers back and thus comprehends the magnitude of her mistake.

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