Importance of Laughter

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Laughter stays to be one of the strongest medicine. Laughter unites people in a special way that triggers an emotional and physical exchange in the human body. Laughter protects an individual from the damaging impact of stress, diminishes pain, boosts temper and strengthens the immune system. When we were young kids we used to lots of times on a single day, but now as adults, we tend to snort less frequent, and we are more serious. By seeking out extra opportunities for laughter and humor can help you find the biggest happiness, strengthen your relationship, improve emotional health and even add some extra years to your lifespan.
Laughter tends to be the greatest antidote to conflict, pain, and stress. Nothing works more dependable or faster to bringing your body and mind back to balance than the good laughter. Humor keeps you alert, focused and grounded, it inspires hopes and lightens your burden. Laughter can also help you to be more forgiving and release anger.

With so much laughter a person can have the power to renew and heal, an individual’s ability to have fun and laugh recurrently is an incredible resource in improving the relationship, supporting both emotional and even surmounting problems. The best part is that this medicine that is priceless is easy to use, free and fun (Jordan and Abedipour 1283-1285).

Through laughing a person can stay for much longer. Research that was conducted in Norway came to a conclusion that those people who have a high sense of humor tend to live longer that those people who do not laugh. The difference was noticed in those people who were battling cancer. When one laughs the anger is lightened; nothing diffused conflict and anger than the shared laugh. Looking at a situation from a funny side can put the problem into a perspective that enables an individual to move from an absolute confrontation without holding onto resentment and bitterness.

Laughing also helps to burn calories. Even though laughing doesn’t replace going to the gym, 10 to 15 minutes of laughing on a single day can burn 40 calories (Jordan and Abedipour 1283-1285). On a yearly basis, it means that one can lose three to four pounds. Laughter also protects the heart; this is because it increases the blood flow and improves the functioning of the blood vessels, which can significantly protect you from cardiovascular problems and heart attacks.

Laughing is also essential in triggering the release of endorphins; this is a natural chemical that enables the body to feel good. Endorphins can temporally relieve pain and promote an overall sense of wellbeing. Through laughter, the immune system can be boosted. Laughter increases the immune cell and decreases stress hormone and also enhances the infection-fighting antibodies, this can significantly an individual’s resistance to diseases. In general, laughter can help to relax the entire body. A hearty, good laugh relieves stress and physical tension leaving a person’s muscles for more than 45 minutes after the laugh (Chafe 192-197).

In conclusion, laughter can be very significant in helping a person feel good. This nice feeling that one gets when they laugh can last for a longer time even after the laughter has dwindled. Humor is essential because it helps an individual to look through loss, disappointment and distress. It also helps people to remain optimistic and positive. More than just a breather from pain and sadness, laughter provides you the courage to find new the new meaning in life.


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