Religious Rituals in the Bukusu community

The Bukusu community found in western Kenya is known for her mystery custom of circumcision among the Bukusu young men. Played out every even year, circumcision is a transitional experience among the young men of Bukusu. Omukhebi, a professional in the field of circumcision, uses sharp sanitized blade known as Lukembe to perform this tradition. Taking over from his father Tom (who practiced from the mid-60s to mid-2000s), James from Mayanja Kibuke town is a customary circumciser. Arrangement for circumcision in bukusu starts ahead of schedule as right on time as two months previously where an applicant is required to take a chicken to a neighborhood metal forger in return for two ringers that he will use to welcome relatives to the service. All applicants whose ringers are prepared to assemble at the central issue every night and trek for a few kilometers practicing circumcision melodies up to as late as (“Circumcision rite among the Bukusu of western Kenya”, 2017). As the D-Day nears, every applicant visits every one of his relatives’ homes ringing the chimes as the method for welcoming them to the service. A day to confronting the blade, an applicant visits his maternal uncles where he picks one to remain by him all through the procedure, he is likewise given a bull as a blessing.

At daybreak of the uncommon day, the picked uncle goes with the contender to the stream where he smears him with mud, erects a grass on his head to mean he (the one to be circumcised) is in line with his ancestors. A gathering of villagers escort the hopeful back home while singing circumcision tunes; now the applicant is naked (“Circumcision rite among the Bukusu of western Kenya”, 2017). Every one of the individuals who has gone through the procedure is qualified for spook the applicant as a method for solidifying them. The competitor at long last get circumcised at his dad’s compound as relatives, companions and neighbors of both genders observe definitely, and he moves on from an omusinde (uncircumcised) to an omusiani(circumcised). After effectively experiencing the blade, the hopeful gets showered with bunches of endowments from relatives.

The competitors are then confined from their homes and live in a solitary abiding known as murumbi. Relatives must bring them sustenance which they should store with the janitor as they should not trade any contact until the point when they are appropriately recuperated and a graduation service performed. Usually, the rationale is to keep the men far from young ladies and girls to abstain from getting sexually stimulated and since it may make the injury tear and take more time to recuperate. Recovering ordinarily takes two weeks if there are no difficulties (“Circumcision rite among the Bukusu of western Kenya”, 2017). On the off chance that there are still applicants who haven’t mended following 15 days, this period might be broadened however in all cases never surpasses one schedule month.

After eating, each father of the start gives his child a few recommendations concerning the adulthood. From that minute they might be called Omutembete (particular), Batembete (plural). The name symbolizes another thing. At whatever point and wherever the start visits his kin amid this month (December), he is given a present which according to taboo should be a chicken. The Khukhwalukha is done continuously in December (“Circumcision rite among the Bukusu of western Kenya”, 2017). The Likombe hovel isn’t decimated instead it is passed on to the uncircumcised young men or the sisters.

Correspondingly the reality is encoded in a myth makes it a religious custom. As indicated by Bukusu oral tradition, circumcision was begun hundreds of years prior by Mango, who executed a serpent without any help. The serpent had threatened the Bukusu, murdering them and assaulting their domesticated animals, Mango slaughtered it with a sword which is now seen in a consecrated place, Mwiabwa Mango — Mango’s Cave in Bungoma. Mango was viewed as the bravest Bukusu man that at any point lived (“Circumcision rite among the Bukusu of western Kenya”, 2017). At the point when approached what should be possible for his recognition, he requested his prepuce be expelled (sikhebo or circumcision). His request was satisfied. From that point onward, Mango announced that all together for a young fellow to end up plainly a grown-up, he should experience circumcision.Other reasons since it includes summoning of spirits, it is regular, consistent and conventional.

As an anthropologist, I would portray this custom as a rite of passage. This because it is described by the accompanying arrangement of steps

1. The Separation: from home or group; in course to the consecrated place, in which the amateur encounters his or her experience.

2. Hardship is that problematic moment that the fledgling will persevere through, for example, confusion, bedlam, preparing, difficulty, droning or potentially adjusted conditions of awareness.

3. Disclosure: the noteworthy of inward implications, the clarification of myths and spiritual knowing.

4. Reincorporation: where the tenderfoot returns home or goes into another group, alongside their new status.

5. A festival is regularly normal to recognize the consummation of the ceremony.

As prior said, the fundamental reason for customary Bukusu circumcision function is to indicate progress from youth to adulthood. Adulthood, unlike adolescence, accompanies more difficulties and responsibility. During the service, those who are to be circumcised are ridiculed, cajoled and threatened to demonstrate to them how adulthood will be. How you adapt to the dangers matters a lot. The demonstration of disengagement amid the recuperating procedure could be thought of the opportunity to give ones to be circumcised an opportunity to have self-reflection and meditation. Typically when in seclusion on occasion there are off the cuff night visits by the elders, if discovered snoozing brings about caning by the elders. This is intended to guarantee that they are always ready and prepared to whatever challenge will come upon them. In most African people group, it is trusted. Men should not sleep as this is considered a transitionary stage (“Circumcision rite among the Bukusu of western Kenya”, 2017).

For the situation where drawing the water from the waterway, he puts it on his head, and he should think back at all. The fundamental motivation behind why he should look behind is a legendary conviction hinting at a valiance. By looking behind, it sends some message of weakness, and the kid may cry amid the circumcision day, this is seen as a major disgrace to the family and whole clan. The cut factor likewise is huge in the way that it additionally solidifies the initiate (“Circumcision rite among the Bukusu of western Kenya”, 2017). There is no medicine to numb the pain; it serves to solidify the circumcised in arrangement of the challenges related with adulthood


Circumcision rite among the Bukusu of western Kenya. (2017). YouTube. Retrieved 5 October 2017, from

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