African American working as slaves in tobacco firms in Virginia.

The father of the Henrietta family took them to Clover, Virginia where his family farmed the tobacco fields their forebears had labored in as slaves after Eliza Lacks Pleasant died giving birth to her tenth child.

African Americans attended separate schools from white students to study.

Unlike Day, who left school after the fourth grade to assist his parents in the field, Henrietta finished education until the sixth grade. She walked two miles to get to his school every morning during the school year after tending to the livestock and yard.

There was hatred of the whites to the blacks.

Evidence: After the death of Eliza Lacks Pleasant when giving birth to her tenth child, the Henrietta father took them to Clover, Virginia where his family farmed the tobacco fields their ancestors had worked as slaves.

Inference: African American learned in separate schools from the whites.

Evidence: Henrietta stayed in school until sixth grade, unlike Day who stopped at fourth grade to help the parents in the field. During the school year, after taking care of the garden and livestock each morning, she'd walk two miles—past the white school to reach his school.

Inference: There was hatred of the whites to the blacks.

Evidence: When Henrietta passed the white school, the children threw rocks and taunted her.

Inference: African American stayed in separate places with the whites.

Evidence: White farmers slept upstairs in lofts and private rooms; black farmers slept in the dark underbelly of the warehouse with the horses, mules, and dogs, on a dusty dirt floor lined with rows of wooden stalls for livestock, and mountains of empty liquor bottles piled almost to the ceiling.

Inference: African American were mistreated and underpaid compared to the whites.

Evidence: In the sparrow's point plant, the work was tough especially for the black men who did the hard jobs the whites were unable to do. However, the blacks were paid less than the white men.

Question 2

In academic reading, the main aim is to get the critical information and be able to remember easily. Inferences I have obtained from The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks have enabled me to understand the racial injustices towards the African American with easy. They act as summary for the whole book and has helped me to get the exact points on the injustices the blacks faced from the entire story. The injustices are slavery, separation, hatred, and mistreatment of the blacks. The inferences also help in remembrance of the critical points in the story without reading it over again. Therefore, inferences are the quickest way to a person reading a big piece of information and understanding it better and acts future reference for students. Additionally, inferences help the reader in better reasoning and making justified and logical conclusions about a particular reading. In all my academic reading texts I will be writing inferences as they are a fast way of making one concentrate to be able to get the main idea in the books.

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