effective communication

Communication: Transmitting Information

It is important to emphasize that communication is the process of transmitting information from source to receiver. A successful communication must ensure that the intended information reaches its intended recipient. This paper will answer four cardinal communicated related questions.

Characteristics of Public Speaking

It is important to emphasize that public speaking differs from all other types of speaking, and there are differentiating characteristics that account for such variances. First and foremost, a public speaker is supposed to be self-assured. A confident speaker is also intelligent, likable, and accurate. A public speaker is also supposed to be animated. This characteristic is mostly depicted in the nature of body language and good body language is required to ensure that the audiences are carried along with the speaker. There is need also to stress that another characteristic that distinguishes public speaking from other forms of speaking is authenticity. A public speaker is expected to be natural and also expected to carefully present his or her points to the audience, (Morgan, 2008). There is need to conclude by stating that there are several factors that distinguishes public speaking forms other types of speeches. However, this section has discussed the most pertinent of such features.

Difference Between Hearing and Listening

What is the difference between hearing and listening? What are some techniques you could employ to improve your listening skills?

It must be pointed out that there is a difference between hearing and listening and these concepts should not be confused or misinterpreted. Hearing is an act of perceiving sound with the use of the ear. This is a natural sense, and anyone who is not hearing –impaired can carry out the function of hearing. However listening is a step higher than hearing. It is a conscious act, it is something we chose to do, and hence the act of listening requires concentration, (Hansen, 2009). There are techniques that could be employed to improve listening skills such techniques includes facing the speaker and maintaining eye contact with the speaker, keeping an opened mind, paying attention and removing all forms of distractions. Lastly listening to the words of the speaker and translating them into mind pictures, (Hansen, 2009)

Methods for Delivering Oral Presentations

Compare methods for delivering oral presentations. What are the benefits and drawbacks of each?

There are specific methods of delivering oral presentations, and each of these methods has their advantages and their drawbacks. First, an oral presentation can be done by memorization; this is when the presenter has stored up the needed information in his or her memory and presents such information to the listener. The benefits of this form of presentation are that it stimulates the mind of listeners. However, its major drawback is the fact that it puts pressure on the presenter and there are tendencies of making mistakes, (Hansen, 2009). Second, an oral presentation can also be done by reading. This is done when the presenter reads the speech to the listeners. The benefit of this form of presentation is that it gives the presenter a good level of control and also ensures that mistakes are minimized. However, its primary drawback is that when we read a presentation, we are mostly in communication with the text and not the audience, (Hansen, 2009).

Using Voice and Body Effectively

What are some ways to use your voice and body effectively when giving an oral presentation? In which areas do you need to improve?

In the course of my review of the books, I have discovered methods by which I could use my voice and body language effectively when giving oral presentations. First I have to ensure that my tone and voice pitch is not too high and also not too low. This will enable effective transfer of information to my listeners. I have also discovered that my body language has enormous effects on the efficiency of my communication. My body language can influence important communication attributes such as authenticity, (Goman, 2008,). Therefore I must ensure that I maintain consistent eye contacts with my audience and provide body gestures to drive home my points. Having pointed out the above it must be stressed that I still require improvements in the efficient use of my body language during communication. I specifically need to do more to improve my ability to maintain eye contacts with my audience.


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