Dictatorship Explanation

Dictatorship is described as an authoritarian rule over topics of an organization or a nation. The definition of the term does not make clear whether dictatorship is a good or bad device of global governance, and therefore it is up to an individual to substantiate it. Most people link dictatorship to all sorts of abuses including rampant corruption, abuse of human rights and oppression. This paper shows that dictatorship can be excellent or bad, and what matters are the actions of the dictator. The article gives examples of dictators who dominated over their countries, and the outcomes were different. The paper draws training from the comparison of two dictatorship regimes. One system brought financial development to the nation, while the other dictatorial government has brought the economic recession to the country. Park Chung-hee is described as a good dictator due to the numerous benefits he brought to the nation of South Korea, while Kim Jong-un is termed as a bad dictator who has downgraded the economy of North Korea and made the people poor. Besides, a good dictatorship can be taken by organizations and family units as an example that shows the significance of having total control over activities. When the head of an agency fails to use his/her powers strictly, various operations may be carried out unsystematically, leading to inefficiency. Parents should have total control over activities in the family, preventing vices amongst the family members and directing children in their correct path. Bad dictatorship does not have any significance to subjects or economy of the state and therefore should be condemned. The paper provides a recap that focuses on the useful lessons that can be learned from the study.

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