State Government - Pressure Groups

Organizations and Interest Groups

Organizations that derive particular benefits by lobbyists from arms of government or politically associated organizations are referred to as interest groups (Interest Groups and State Politics. n.d.). Trade organizations, identity support organizations, public safety groups, global warming groups, and small companies are all examples of interest groups.

The primary roles of advocacy groups include raising awareness of current affairs or topics of importance to individuals, such as environmental, medical, and legal issues. The other role of interest groups is to create forums representing individuals that have common views towards particular problems. Interest groups also provide important information to the government and political parties especially on issues of mutual interests. Interest groups have in the recent past been used as vehicles for political participation through liaison with the government political matters (Interest Groups and State Politics. n.d).

Distinguishing Between Interest Groups and Political Parties

The purpose of a political party is ideally to gain power by winning an election. Political parties, therefore, hold political campaigns to woo people to vote for their candidates in an election, (Skinner, n.d.). Interest groups, on the other hand, are mainly concerned with the promotion of a position on a specific issue. They therefore only participate in politics by supporting the candidate whom they believe supports their point of view. Interest groups have been known to give financial support for those politicians who are supportive of their view.

The internal politics of a political party is characteristic of a flexible internal politics when it comes to issues of concern. Politicians in political parties are not under any obligation to agree on every single issue raised after they are elected. On the contrary, members of an interest group are bound to support a unilateral position on an issue of concern (Skinner, n.d.).


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