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Americans’ lives had an inequality depending on where they lived. In many ways, life in the suburbs differed significantly from living in cities or on farms. During the Civil War, many Americans relocated from the suburbs and farms to the emerging cities, searching for greener pastures. People from Poland, Germany, Italy, and Ireland, for example, migrated to America in search of a better living and working environment for their families and themselves.
Due to the availability of the necessary structures, manufacturing industries, and infrastructures, the population of US cities tripled from 10 million to 54 million between 1870 and 1900. On the other hand, life in the suburbs relies on cities for their welfare. In 1890, New York was recognized as the second leading city worldwide with a population of 3.5 million inhabitants as both Philadelphia and Chicago each had over one million inhabitants. Nevertheless, by the year 1920, almost half the states’ population was residing in cities forcing the various needs of the growing population to cause a drastic change in both the social and physical formation of the cities (Carter, 2011).

Education and job opportunities: in cities, there are many different employment opportunities as compared to the suburbs and farms (Fontinelle, 2011). On the other hand, high-quality education is offered in schools found in the towns as compared to education provided in suburbs and farms, but if people opt their children to get an education in schools based in rural areas they should be ready to pay an extra fee for private schools based in the countryside.

The size of house and privacy: spacious homes are found in the suburbs than in cities. Thus for privacy, peace, quiet and large houses with a large space then one should consider living in the suburbs. Likewise, there is no open space in cities. However, as much as there are plenty of parks, they happen not to be secure during the nights, and they will never be enough to accommodate every city dweller. Playgrounds for children have to be supervised and well structured. Thus, if one is in dire need of fresh hair and secure parks and playgrounds for children, then suburbs is the better option (Fontinelle, 2011).


The choice of people on where to live varies depending on their preferences. For privacy, peace and abundant space suburb areas are better than cities; however, there are high job opportunities, high-quality education and more social amenities in the cities as compared to suburbs. Therefore, it depends on where one wants to live and what they prefer more to live in the suburbs than cities or vice versa, however, they all have their advantages and disadvantages.


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