Government Relations on individual rights in business

Politics and the Corporate World

There is a usual rumor that politics affects the corporate world. Despite the evidence that the statement is incorrect, it’s still not reason enough to weigh the risks. I think that there are expectations when one chooses to avoid politics mostly when it pertains the environment and human rights. A good illustration could be seen in the U.S Supreme courts where the same-sex marriage was supported according to Ball. This made the media and many international brands to show approval for the decision but threatened the customers by making them not to purchase from their businesses. For big firms, this could go well, but for small firms and start-ups, it’s considered dangerous. Therefore, before anyone engages their business to politics, they should know their audience well or else they could lose consumer-ship even if they become successful.

The Boundaries of Politics in the Workplace

One should also be very keen before they blur the boundaries between the partisan politics and individual politics. As a manager, owner or C.E.O, you should ensure that your employees don’t engage in politics outside the office. In anticipation to this, it’s advisable to have rules that govern the political advocacy and opinion during work hours (Enos 10). The disadvantage of having politics in work places is that it poisons every member of the company. This has very adverse effects especially in performance and sometimes may even go an extra mile and affect the revenue. As a leader, we should ensure that the regulations that pertain politics, should adhere to the latter. Failure to do so, the company may suffer. The bottom line is that some of the individuals tend to take politics to be personal so it’s advisable to stay away unless your business is politics.

Work Cited

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