Essays on Corporate Governance

Role of Corporate Social Responsibility in Microfinance Institutions

It is both legal and ethical obligation for a company to perform in the best interest of the society. Main categories of CSR activities include philanthropic, ethical, legal and economic activities. This classification is due to the assumption that average profit maximization can be achieved due to company's responsibility towards...

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The Meaning of CSR Reporting, The Way It Differs with Conventional Corporate Reporting, and the Effect of CSR Reporting on the Financial Performance of a Company

Factors that have significant impacts on social reporting include enterprise size, scope, and culture. Besides, the shifting of government power through derivative actions subjects a company to shareholders that do not care about social and moral considerations (Okoye 2015, p.374). The essay paper, therefore, explains the meaning of CSR reporting,...

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The Role of Corporate Social Responsibility in Microfinance Institutions

It is both legal and ethical obligation for a company to perform in the best interest of the society. Main categories of CSR activities include philanthropic, ethical, legal and economic activities (Werhane, Freeman, and Dmytriyev 2017 p.10; Chakraborty and Bass 2015, p.488). This classification is due to the assumption that...

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Customer Loyalty in Conjunction with Corporate Social Responsibility

Introduction Customer loyalty has initiated different impacts on companies' products and services. Additionally, corporate social responsibility has with time turn into the most critical perspectives for the accomplishment of organisations’ aspects of multiplying its customers. The research issue concerning CSR is following McDonald and Starbucks organisations that have extended their organisations...

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The Concept of Corporate Social Responsibility

In recent times, the study of corporate social responsibility (CSR), has turned out to be one of the most studied topics in business and organization administration. The corporate social responsibility initiatives are measures and standards that have been developed by a firm to benefit a particular society (McWilliams, 2015). Through...

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Utilitarianism and Corporate Citizenship

Corporate citizenship can be described as the social responsibility of organizations or businesses that requires them to meet varying ethical, economic and legal responsibilities as set forth by shareholders. The aim is to improve the quality of life and standard of living for communities around them while maintaining profitability aspects...

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Effectiveness of Sarbanes-Oxley Act

The law demands that there should be independence between the corporate audit committee and management and furthermore, any organization must have one financial expert included in the audit committee. This independence provision aims to make sure that there is interference of management in the audit activities of the committee. This...

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The Role of Governance in Nonprofit Management

Governance is an important an aspect of every institution; the above notion is based on the role it plays in regulating the conducts of members of such organizations by providing well-established rules and regulations. In the course of societal development, a couple of factors has been introduced the concept of...

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Democratic Deficit in the World Trade Organization

The gradual pervasive view that the World Trade Organization (WTO) does not endeavor to its democratic obligations and hence has democratic deficit is an expression coined from debates in the European Union. Opinions regarding undemocratic policies by the WTO range from allegations that the body together with various...

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Corporate Social Responsibility and The UN Sustainable Development Goals

Organizations and Corporate Social Responsibility Organizations have the role to engage in activities that facilitate improving the welfare of the community as a show of responsibility and care towards its growth and that of the general population. Corporate responsibility is a crucial part of most large corporations where they have annual...

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Corporate Social Responsibility Paper

Promote a quality workplace by investing in employee s development, providing opportunities for growth and safeguarding the company s interests and corporate rights. Implementation of Quality Standards Standards guiding business operation are vital to any company or institution. For an employer to be able to deter employees from breaking the set laws,...

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The Bophal Tragedy and Its Aftermath

Corporate Responsibility and the Bophal Tragedy Corporate responsibility is a company's initiatives to assess and take responsibility for its impacts on environmental and social wellbeing. More often than not, multinational companies are ignorant of their environmental and social impacts in developing countries, which is at the expense of the needy, poor...

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