Genetic Testing

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Multifactorial diseases demand greatest medical interest today. They are becoming responsible for the biggest number of deaths in many parts of the world today. Health deviations make a contribution largely to these diseases. Some of the common multifactorial illnesses include cancer, diabetes, psychiatric infections and among others. Diseases distribution amongst individuals is dependent on the penalties of interactions between the genes and environmental exposure.
Analyzing the multifactorial diseases based on the genetic family members is one of the challenges that face the human genetics in the present time. Family history has been determined to be one of the most important factors in explaining individual’s dangers to diseases since carefully related people current unique environmental and genomic interactions experienced by an individual. It has been found that inherited genetic variations significantly contribute to the pathogenesis of diseases (Plomin et. al 2013).

Understanding genetic relations, mutations, and alteration are important since most of the infections that individuals suffer from are inherited. Therefore, the history of the family would thus be of great importance when handling a given disease. Studying human genetics helps in discovering and describing the contribution of genetics to human diseases. Such knowledge is vital in understanding the contribution that gene makes to the disease development (Plomin et. al 2013). Some of the diseases that have been found to be influenced by gene are the heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

This kind of genetic testing aims at developing medical approaches and practice that would help in eliminating the human sufferings that are associated with the diseases. The testing is also crucial in research stimulation to develop techniques that can be used to alleviate the conditions. The data gathered during the testing can also be used to explain the evolution of human (Plomin et. al 2013).


Plomin, R., DeFries, J. C., Knopik, V. S., & Neiderheiser, J. (2013). Behavioral genetics. Palgrave Macmillan.

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