Digital Age Medicine and Connected Health

NantHealth is headquartered in Culver City, California, and is a subsidiary of NantWorks. The organization is engaged in several activities, including creating and promoting a variety of holistic and systematic healthcare solutions. The business is particularly interested in healthcare technology. The company’s goal is to enhance outcomes around the care spectrum by designing better technologies to transform how diseases and treatments are known and handled.
GPS Cancer
The GPS Cancer Tracker is one of NathHealth’s latest innovations (Genomic Proteomic Spectrometry). Genomic refers to the genome sequencing of more than 20,000 genes as well 3 billion base pairs. Proteomic refers to the transcription of more than 200,000 RNA transcripts while spectrometry refers to the quantitative proteomics. Through the use of this technology, NantHealth hopes to give cancer centers across the country the ability to share data in order to improve the outcomes of cancer research. This network is vital among oncologists and will benefit from various aspects of cancer research aided by the technology such as molecular profiling which includes a wide range of tests which integrate the quantitative proteomics, genome and transcriptome sequencing (Koczwara, 2016). In addition, the technology comes with applications which provide oncology practices as well as treatment options and the historical outcomes among groups of similar patients. Furthermore, the technology provides oncologists with a precision medicine report which is vital in terms of monitoring the effectiveness of drugs given to cancer patients. Real-time data which is promoted by GPS Cancer is important in treatment planning. The technology also covers the patient count, the death rate, mean survival time and any form of complication which is associated with any form of treatment. According to Johansen, Holtedahl, and Rudebeck (2010), The GPS Cancer is effective in that it is a flexible mediator between the patients and the clinic. Besides, it solves previously existing problems such as research coordination. Lastly, the technology is also a companion for cancer patients throughout the illness (Johansen, Holtedahl, & Rudebeck, 2010).

Clinical Operating System (cOS)

Clinical Operating System (cOS) was launched by NanthHealth in February 2014. This technology is for value-based care and is the first intelligent cloud-based platform. Clinical Operating System integrates financial, clinical, operational and environmental data in order to improve the quality and lower the costs as well as improving the value of accountable care organizations, patients, physicians and the entire health system (Wickramasinghes, Troshani, & Tan, 2016). It enables integration of data from the existing legacy systems including the electronic health records and health information exchange. Another advantage that comes with Clinical Operating Systems is that it has made various operation in health care much easier (Wickramasinghes, Troshani, & Tan, 2016). For instance, cancer care coordination, in-home connectivity, and transition management. Through the technology, it is possible for physicians to provide the right kind of treatment to patients. Also, the system ensures that the healthcare system is patient-based because it can be connected with other disparate IT systems in order track patient information. Therefore, care coordination is enabled. In addition, the system is important health managers because they can easily view all the members in the care continuum including community care providers, physicians, management coaches on wellness and diseases, patients and caregivers.


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