obesitQuick food restaurants in the United States are blamed for rising obesity rates, but this is not entirely their responsibility. If today's parents were asked who they admire most of their lives, children will be at the top of their list. As a result, it is alarming to see an increase in the number of obese children. The guardians are the most concerned for their children, but they encourage them to play on tablets and watch television for extended periods of time, bribe them with ice cream, and allow them to eat French fries.Obesity is becoming more prevalent in the United States. The soundest way to counter this menace is to start providing parental education on child rearing as soon as possible. Most of these improper children eating habits start from homes, and it is often caused by the children poor eating habits. It remains the role of the guardians to supply their kids with proper health choices and create the appropriate eating right from the start. Most of the parents do not have any ill intentions when raising their kids, but their dismissal to adopt the best eating habits in their kids can lead to mental and physical complications to their kids.The real culprit behind the rising cases of obesity is not entirely the parents but also the general society. The society has failed to pressure the government to enact nutritional qualifications, guidelines, and new laws, in addition to this the community seems to be shying away from any discussions that are inclined toward obesity (Godman). Because of the present fear that people have regarding being fat, most of the people will shy away from speaking about the issue, especially the parents when talking to the kids. If the society is unable to talk about the issue openly, then it is unlikely that the problem obesity will end soon.What step I will takeAs a restaurant owner the first step I will take is to introduction of dietary lessons to parents. Most of the guardians or the parents lack the self-discipline to proper eating habits, so it is impossible to push their children to embrace the appropriate diet. The parents must always set a good example if they want their children to start eating fruits and vegetables they must also set the standard by eating that vegetable. Another blunder that parents make is using foodstuff as a reward, making kids associate eating with emotions a factor that leads to spree eating habits. For most parent when the child us feeling angry, excited, sad and happy the quick solution is always to turn to food for comfort. The child will carry on this habit even as they approach puberty. If the adolescents are turning to food as an emotional therapy, they will carry on their path headed for adult obesity.The citizens and the parents are supposed to make the lives of the next generation better than their own. The parent owes their kids a duty of care to ensure they live stronger, healthier, and longer lives. It is the parent’s responsibility to make sure their kids stay healthy and active. The parents must reduce the duration that children spent watching television by encouraging them to get a right amount of physical exercise and play outside. Most importantly the parents must set a good example for their kids and avoid shifting the obesity blame to the fast food restaurants.Works CitedGodman,, H. "Think fast when kids want fast food." 2013, www.health.harvard.edu/blog/think-fast-when-kids-want-fast-food-201301315846.

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