Therapy Adlerian

I will exercise a profound and loving sense of engagement and friendship in an attempt to develop a strong relationship with Stan. I will create person-to-person contact with him instead of immediately delving into his dilemma. Secondly, instead of dwelling on his issues in the initial stages of the discussion, I would go on to increase his knowledge of his assets and strengths. I will develop a supportive relationship with Stan by listening closely to him, reacting, showing support for him in his attempt to achieve improvement, and expressing confidence and hope in treatment (A.C.P, 2015).
Stan has developed the habit of drinking to get a reprieve from his social frustrations and limited interactions. I am particularly intrigued by this aspect of the client’s life as it has the potential to develop into serious alcoholism (A.C.P, 2015). I would encourage Stan to get enlightened on the various negative impacts of alcohol addiction and help him see the need of desisting from this undesirable tendency.


Stan mentions that he had done relatively well in his mechanic job and even managed to secure a stable job that lasted for a duration of three years. The inferiority complex that is a consequence of his parent’s criticism leads hip to register for a course in physiology with the hope of counseling children at a later date when he is still striving to have confidence himself (A.C.P, 2015). Stan’s perception will, however, be beneficial in his therapy as he will have the opportunity to learn about his situation extensively.


Stan can commence establishing significant social interests through taking part in supportive social meeting that will create an initiative platform for his growth. I will assign Stan to a religious group and a support peer group forum for persons with his social predispose. His advancement in social interests will result in the diminishment of his isolation, alienation and inferiority feelings.

Stan has a deep desire to realize significant improvement in his social life system. He wishes to do away with his consumption of alcohol and develop a higher sense of social worth. His Studying of physiology will equally help him further comprehend his condition thus allowing him to overcome it (A.C.P, 2015).


Adlerian Counseling and Psychotherapy (A.C.P): A Practitioner’s Approach. (2015). Routledge.

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