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Cuban Revolution and Its Impact

In 1953, on July 26, Fidel Castro joined an agitator force with organized efforts to overthrow the Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista (Pérez-Stable, 2009). Castro, a young lawyer and politician at the time, had risen to the highest levels of the reformist Cuban People's Party and was set to serve as...

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The Republic of Cuba

The Republic of Cuba is well known for being the Western hemisphere's first Communist state. Since the Cuban revolution, which pushed Fidel Castro to power, the country has been ruled by an authoritarian regime. The Castro brothers controlled with an iron grip because authoritarianism is a prominent aspect of Cuban...

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The Cuban Revolution

A Cuban Revolution A Cuban revolution was a social and economic change that occurred in the country from 1953 until 2008. The revolution was born of frustration, discontent, and opposition to a dictatorship led by Fidel Castro. It also grew out of the poor state of Cuba and its economy, as...

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