My experience in Hawaii

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It’s always a treat to visit a location that corresponds to the physical characteristics you’ve learned about as a geography student. Marine life has always awed me because it is a world unto itself that we are unaware of. As a result, I enjoy going to the sea whenever I can and marveling at the life that exists beneath the waves. When you see pictures of Hawaii, you’ll feel obligated to go there. When I went to Hawaii for two days, I wanted to see the coral reefs and the fish.
During my journey, I was able to witness firsthand how beautiful coral reefs are, as well as how much people value them. “We were however told that they had reduced in number as compared to earlier years. For that reason, we were told to be careful when watching them, and avoid touching if possible. Most tourists tend to break off the reefs and take them home as souvenirs, the same thing I had planned to do myself, and it turned out to be ‘illegal.’ Most people do not understand marine life and how it functions. Interfering with one member interferes with the rest of the ecosystem. Coral reefs, in this case, are habitats to a lot of organisms including the fish. When they are destructed, a lot of other organisms suffer too. While snorkeling, it was conspicuous that some reefs were more prominent and more colorful than others while others were just limestone. This bleaching is due to environmental factors. But either way, it is our responsibility to take care of the seas to preserve under-water life. Everyone deserves a chance to see the beauty of the marine life.

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