Gothic and Catholic Cathedral Churches

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The Gothic church used to be a place of worship for the Anglicans. It comes into existence due to the arrival of Benedictines Nuns to Kylemore. In 1920, the Gothic Church was re-dedicated as the Catholic Church. It is also a stunning testimony of the Mitchell Henry love for Margaret. Today the Gothic church building is used to host the cross-community celebrations, poetry readings and song recitals. This paper will briefly talk about the differences between the Gothic Church of England and the Gothic Church of France.
The Gothic Church may want to be seen in the centuries-spanning the length 1000 till the 1300s. The churches were subjected to the regional variation, with English and the French as the example that provided an insightful parallel. Therefore the main difference that existed between the Gothic churches in England and France was the difference in the spatial emphasis. It is where the church was enhanced mostly by use of the architectural structures. Another difference between the two churches as the utilisation of the buttressing and also the treatment of east end and the façade (Stephen, 2011)

Also, another difference between the English and the French Gothic Cathedral is their oppositional and differing emphases on horizontality or verticality. The French Gothic churches had the inclination toward the height as the epitomised by the cathedral-like the Beauvais. The English Gothic church emphases on the length like the Salisbury which is about 473 feet in the length while the French Churches like the Chartres is about 237 feet. The English horizontality is a creation of the “layer upon layer” where each of the layers is entirely independent while the French church layers were not independent. The French buttresses were used almost on a ubiquitously where the rebuilt had acquired the embellishment like the small Gothic spires. Moreover, the English use of the buttresses is very unforthcoming. It is also because the use flying buttresses were nearly “tentative.

In conclusion, differences on the two Gothic churches were very significant. For example, the difference that emphasises on the horizontality and verticality can be viewed as the quite oppositional in the stylistic character the French church chose to pronounce vertical lines of buttresses while the English church decided to hide them. Furthermore, the two churches diverged in the treatment of ambulatory and façade.


Murray, Stephen. (2011). “Back to Beauvais,” in New Approaches to Medieval Architecture, Robert Bork, William W. Clark and Abby McGeehan, ed. Surrey, UK: Ashgate Publishing Ltd.

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