Maus - A Survivor's Tale

Maus is the story of Art Spiegelman’s interviews with his father Vladek about his Holocaust experiences. The book was serialized from 1980 to 1991, and the first volume won a Pulitzer Prize in 1992. It is a fable, and it can also be seen as an allegory. It reflects several...

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The Lorax and the Importance of Conservation

The Lorax is a classic children's book, and it has had a long and complicated history. While it's certainly a fun read, The Lorax is also an important piece of literature for its environmental lessons. It warns of the consequences of greed and how needless consumerism can destroy our planet....

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Function of Fiction

Fiction is the classification for any setting or plot that is derived from fantasy, rather than fact. True Fiction may take many forms, including writings, performances, videos, television programs, cartoons, computer games, and role-playing games. Fiction literature has long been neglected by psychologists because its sole purpose seems to be...

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The Shrek Movie and 2nd Film

A popular animated film, Shrek stars Mike Meyers as the ogre Shrek. The main character is a lovable ogre, who lives in a bubbling soupy swamp with horns for ears. The movie is an adventure, and it is a family favourite. The plot centers around Shrek's quest to rescue a...

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