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It is generally assumed valid that thoughts dictate if at the moment we try to return to it, we will recall remembered memory (Rapaport, 2007). As opposed to an event that did not spark any unique feelings, an emotionally fraught situation is always recalled (Reisberg & Hertel, 2004). Once one is stimulated to experience multiple states of mind, such as indignation and delight, vivid memories are more likely to arise than under normal situations in which we feel little to no emotional relation to an occurrence.
In recalling details, emotions play a very important role. This process is also known as encoding or consolidating memories. This can be proved through the Emotional Stroop test. In the test, participants are given a variety of words one after the other sporadically. Every word is printed dissimilar color and the participants are asked to state the colors they can remember. They are later asked on to recall the words after completion of the first test. The vulgar words, which are purposed to evoke an emotional feedback, will be remembered more regularly than words which conveyed less emotional implications.

The results show that invoking of emotions while people are processing and perceiving an observation has the possibility of altering the encoding of information into the long-term or short memory. Even though the Emotional Stroop Test verifies that there is a co-relation between memory and emotion, proper function of emotions has always been suspected. The customary function of emotions in our capacity to remember and encode information may feel an unavoidable, unrestrainable part of daily life. However, the manner in which emotions twist our understanding and remembrance of reality is usually of interest to the study of psychology.


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