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E-commerce Trends in Retail Industry

This work is a special dedication to my dear Mother, brothers, sisters, friends, and relatives. Acknowledgment I wish to thank the Almighty God for strength, protection, and ability to perform even when I felt so disheartened and stressed. I wish to acknowledge the help and encouragement I received from a number of...

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The Use of Digital Technologies in Choreography and Performance

The twenty-first century has witnessed a rise in digital technologies. Digital technology refers to the application of digital resources to create, analyse, communicate and use information in the digital context. Studies have shown that digital technologies have a massive impact on choreography and performance (Zamorska, 2014; Felice, Alaoui...

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Impact of Computer Generated Images Influencer Marketing in the Fashion Industry

The Study Examined Impact of Computer Generated Images Influencer Marketing in the Fashion Industry In order to formulate results, a qualitative approach was used where 100 respondents including; Instagram account holders, retailers and designers, and representatives from fashion agency. A thematic method was used to analyse the data since it provided...

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The Next Chapter of the Human Story

The next chapter of the human story is already taking shape courtesy of famous ground-breaking innovation of blockchain. Cryptocurrency has only been in existence for a decade, but the effects are already being felt, buoyed by the network effects of the Internet. Looking at the bigger picture, it is still...

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Value Added by RFID in Supply Chain Management

Radio Frequency Identification is an automatic identification and data capture technology used in the identification of products or services (Masum, Bhuiyan, and Azad, 2013). RFID is composed of tags, readers, and middleware. The tag is formed from chips and attached to products, the reader helps in receiving and returning answers...

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Unhealthy Employee Habits Completed

Organizational behavior is termed to as the study of human interactions within a company. Employees have to ensure that they behave in a manner that reflects the conduct that is described in the corporate culture. Poor employee habits tend to have a negative effect on the productivity of an organization....

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Netflix Company

Netflix company indeed is a component of an entertainment marketplace for home videos. Substantially, it is forming the broader industry in the entertainment that possesses market such as airline, theatre video entertainments, and hotel. Commonly, Netflix organization is majorly recognized for instigating streaming media and internet delivery. Nevertheless, the company...

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Workplace Wellness Promotions Programs

In 2016 the number of unhealthy workers reached over three billion across the globe, and this number continues to rise. Among these three billion workers is an alarming increase in older workers who are generally less healthy. Also, there is over two million work-related deaths and over 300 million work-related...

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Analysing Key Challenges Faced By the Jewellery Entrepreneur

Globally, the Jewellery industry has witnessed exponential growth concerning sales volume, the variety of jewels traded, market share for industry players and most importantly, profits in the past half-decade (Euromonitor International, 2018). The recession of 2008 to about 2013 significantly impacted on service industry sections such as jewelry in Britain...

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Customer Acceptance of Automated Service Technology in the Restaurant Industry

Accelerated by technological advancement and stiffer competition, the restaurant industry has been adopting the latest methods of doing things. The rising reputation of the self-service technology (SST) and gains accrued to both customers and hoteliers, diminishes the significance of personal service in the industry. Players in the industry are embracing...

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Business Management Role in Fostering Innovation

1.1 Introduction Good business management is mostly attributed to key factors that help a firm meet its competitiveness in the market (Chesbrough 2007, p. 27). Despite the global agreement about the management role in fostering business innovation in ensuring business growth and development, so many people still confuse the concept of...

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The Effects of Social Networking Sites on Young People

Social networking refers to the use of social media sites to facilitate the interactions between people (Sherchan, 2013 p.47). Currently, the world is a global village. The various social media sites have eased communication considerable and all one needs to do is engage with others through the networks. Sites such...

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