Service Management

Deployment tactics seek to make changes with minimal downtime so that users do not notice the improvements. The blue-green deployment technique is the ideal to utilize since it allows the blue, also known as the new version, to be brought up for testing and evaluation. It is carried out when users are still using the stable or green version (OpenShift, n.d). When it is ready, users are moved to the blue version, or back to the green version if there is a problem. What information is the most important when creating a service offering

The service offering is made up of a set of service commitments that uniquely define the levels of service based on scope, pricing, and availability. Some of the vital information includes service level agreements and service level targets for the business service. Others include the name and description of the product offering, default service offerings, service blueprint and reference definition. The definition specifies how the selected blueprint will be deployed (BMC, 2017).

What value is there in directly linking services in the service catalog with the CMDB and configuration Item records?

The catalog system helps to manage the significant changes to the service as additional services get negotiated and added. It also allows the management of the lifecycle of that service. On the other hand, the CMDB provides operational data that is relevant to service level management. Linking services also make a CMDB project to be visible and relevant to the business by painting a picture that aligns with their concerns (BMC Software, 2017). Moreover, it helps to reduce the amount of work done by enabling focus to be shifted to high impact services and reduces downtime to operations.

Who do you feel is responsible for maintaining the service catalog and why

The service catalog manager should be the one responsible for maintaining the service catalog to ensure the information is accurate and up to date. He should also ensure that appropriate views of service catalog get provided to the right users.The catalog manager is trained and equipped with the necessary skills that enable them to coordinate the activities effectively (Thejendra, 2014). The expertise in operational process management and experience in IT operation frameworks and ITIL makes them qualified to handle and maintain service catalogs.


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