Empress Wu’s colonial influence in China

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Empress Wu’s colonial influence on the Chinese Patriarchal Culture
In the history of China, the majority of empires were governed and ruled by men. In the situation, however, where women came to power, such as Empress Wu, major impacts were felt, especially if the former leadership stressed the patriarchy system. As the first woman ever to hold the title of Emperor, Empress Wu influenced the patriarchy system by questioning the status of women ascribed to gender. Importantly, it can be claimed that, in breach of Chinese custom, she retained control (Chao 128). As a result, it can be argued that Empress Wu rising into the throne of Empress cemented the women leadership role in politics thereby creating the notion that women had the chances of leading a male dominated society.

The leadership tradition in the history of China documents a scenario where the men leadership role was placed ahead of the women household chores. As a result, it can be argued that women leadership was against the beliefs of tradition and culture. However, the rising of Empress Wu into the throne of power challenged the traditions, beliefs, and culture that has been practiced for centuries in the history of China. The overall impact has relayed the message that even women had the power and might to move from the household roles inscribed by the society to the position of power. Additionally, the rising of Emperor Wu to the reign if power challenged the tradition to the extent where the male patriarchy was compelled to accept women role in leadership because before ascending the throne Empress Wu played a significant leadership role during her husband reign as the emperor. Summarily the rising of Empress Wu into the role of women led to change in tradition and culture where women began being accepted as leaders in the course of Chinese history and politics.

Empress Wu’s reign impact on Political Systems and Cultures

Naturally, according to the Chinese customs and culture, it was unnatural for women to ascend to power. The beliefs of women absence in the political structures were reinforced by the historical teachings and customs. For instance, before Empress Wu rising into the throne of power primitive cultures such as foot binding, widow chastity, and selling off unwanted daughters were practiced. However, the ascending of Empress Wu to power such cultures was challenged, and some culture did not follow all the customs and traditions. Additionally, before ascending the throne, Empress Wu acted in the capacity of her husband who was ill (Chao 130). Most of the decisions emanated from her to the extent that even the individuals who adhered to hostile tradition acknowledged great intelligence and leadership (Chao 134). As a result, there was a preservation of women role in the political sphere.

Empress Wu’s reign impact on Daoist and Confucius Ideologies

In the decade 625 to 705 AD, Confucian held the beliefs that women rule was unnatural. However, in the Tang dynasty, when Wu Zetian came into the realm of power various impacts was eminent. As a result, the beliefs held by Confucian of placing women in the lowest of the family patriarchy structure were challenged (Chao 133). The overall impact was that the perception of women in the society changed. For instance, the ability of Empress Wu to rule effectively and to control the Empire military led to the belief that women role was beyond the standard advice such as lessons for girls. In overall, the rising of Empress Wu to the throne provided women empowerment against the beliefs of Confucius and Daoist ideologies that ranked women in the lower ladder of the family and societal structures.

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