Platform Friends of the Earth Canada (FoE)

My Earth Friends of Canada (FoE) network is directed at Mother Earth and its people being on the guard. The platform takes serious legal steps to ensure that all people who pollute the environment uphold their different commitments and ensure that they enact laws (Doherty, Brian & Timothy Doyle, 45).
The platform is critical as it ensures the secure and clean atmosphere for Canada and the environment for Canadians. Additionally, FoE always stands in solidarity with the vulnerable communities and people with aims of confronting the effects of toxic pollution as well as climatic changes (Chan, Kai MA, et al., 23).
From 1978 when the platform was formed, there have been numerous positive impacts resulting from its efforts to conserve the environment. For example, the platform has provided a voice for the environment both nationally and globally through the efforts of its 75 national member groups as well as the 5,000 local activist groups on every continent (Doherty, Brian & Timothy Doyle, 15).Secondly, the platform has created a healthy environment which acts as a firm foundation for social and economic well-being. Additionally, Friends of the Earth Canada has advanced education systems in different countries when it comes to the subject of environmental protection as well as advancement of sustainability.
If crowned the winner of the Miss Teen Canada award, I could make changes and speak about the platform in many ways. To start with I would engage in recycle and reuse campaigns to ensure that the environment is not littered and to educate community members on the advantages of taking care of the environment. There is so because there is always the second use of something (Doherty, Brian & Timothy Doyle, 19).For instance, I would advise people to save their jars instead of disposing them because they could be used in future to keep flours, spices among other things.
I would speak about my platform in every occasion that I_x0092_m invited to, and I would also use the social media to inform people on the future activities of my platform. Within that year of winning, I would develop an exploratory task force through the use of different networks to identify and incorporate more countries that share similar ideas and value as the platform. This would ensure that the environment is well-taken care off from every corner of the world.Work Cited
Chan, Kai MA, et al. "Opinion: Why protect nature? Rethinking values and the environment." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113.6 (2016): 1462-1465.
Doherty, Brian, and Timothy Doyle. Environmentalism, resistance and solidarity: the politics of Friends of the Earth International. Springer, 2013.

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