The Essay About Digital Era

Today's society has become so ingrained with technology that you can hear computer keyboard keys being pushed, hear a computer mouse clicking, or see a website page loading on monitor screens wherever you go. The advantages and effects of technology in general, as well as at the elementary school level, will be the main topics of my thesis.

The majority of jobs have been made easier by the use of computers; one such job is the provision of a faster and simpler method of communication via mobile phones as opposed to the conventional methods, where it took a long time to transmit information. Google has made it simple to search for and gather any required information thanks to technology. (McClellan et al. 2015). Technology has been widely embraced in elementary school to ease teaching and to make teaching fun for the students, this helps to ensure that the students maintain a good attitude towards education and develop a passion for it which breeds good results. Some practices of technological applications in elementary schools are explained below (Kampulainen et al. 2014)

PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint applications have been used in elementary schools to teach students by using neon colors and moving graphics in order to compel and win student interest in a particular field of study, while the course work remains the same, the student’s interest and attention is won which leads to developed subject passion promoting chances of success (Kampulainen et al. 2014)

Education made Fun

Through implementing applications such as PowerPoint and virtual classrooms, learning has been made fun for students as they do not have to go through the tiresome work of rewriting notes from missed classes as with photocopying technology copying notes is easier (Kampulainen et al. 2014)


Technology has generally eased work for both students and lecturers, books are being replaced with online searches to fetch information and lecturers do not have to attend classes to lecture as they can lecture via video calls. In conclusion, technology promotes education and daily living.

Works Cited

Kumpulainen, Kristiina, Anna Mikkola, and Anna-Mari Jaatinen. "The chronotopes of technology-mediated creative learning practices in an elementary school community." Learning, Media and Technology 39.1 (2014): 53-74.

McClellan III, James E., and Harold Dorn. Science and technology in world history: an introduction. JHU Press, 2015.

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