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High participation purchases require the acquisition of an object that is expensive or poses a risk of significant enthusiasm in the event of an error. The detailed study carried out, as well, prior to such transactions is an important part of it. A customer, unlike in low-profile purchases, must go through any step of the purchaser's decision-making process (Bettman and Park 2008, p. 240). Customers do not have an association for a predetermined response to the purchase of a high-inclusive good. Instead, buyers get occupied with the desire to establish alternative products, prices, and warranties of what they have, a state referred to as expanded problem solving.I had my last phone for four years until I decided to buy a new iPhone 7 plus. It was an easy decision to make considering the choice is profoundly involving in light of the dangers of making a terrible buy. This purchase was a high involving one because of its exorbitant price, complex technical features that are distinct, and the significant advantages over other alternatives (Mitchell 2016, p. 64).Need For an iPhone 7 plusAccording to a survey conducted earlier this year, a significant proportion of iPhone users prefer Apple products. It further showed that 78% of iPhone users “could not wrap their head around owing a different phone from the iPhone” (Kraemer, Linden and Dedrick 2011, p. 112). I was driven by outstanding features that the latest iPhone 7 plus had. I had to make a comparison between iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus and decide on either to settle on.Information SearchI started inquiring about the new elements that Apple integrated into their recent products. This search included reading reviews and accurate comparisons. In the process, I distinguished viable reasons that justified my choice of iPhone 7 plus. I needed to make sure iPhone 7 is worth the money. Upon venturing into the searching exercise, I found plenty grounds why I should choose iPhone 7 instead of iPhone 5s (Abroms et al. 2011, p.283). Newly embedded feature was the integration of the advanced camera model in iPhone. The comparison of iPhone with other brands outwardly shows why I considered iPhone 7 plus. It runs on a secure platform iOS that is top notch, and is user-friendly (it is comfortable and convenient to use).Evaluation of AlternativesThe iPhone 5s attracted criticism for the unstylish way as the camera did not relatively fit its body. Its new home button gives the user an experience of class since the physical button is replaced with a sophisticated ballet that functions by sensing pressure as well as vibrations. The compatibility of A10 processor with two high-power cores enables the phone to perform efficiently allowing execution of many programs and processing data to a degree of laptops.The iPhone 5 is accompanied with a more substantial battery to facilitate runtime to approximately one hundred and twenty minutes. Besides, the solid home button underwrites to a new IP67 rating. This feature implies that the iPhone 7 can survive immersion in water for 30 minutes down to a depth of one meter. The phone reviews were quite convincing and pushed the audience towards spending on. I heard by the word of mouth that it was definitely worth the money.After having examined examine all the alternatives, my decision would definitely be iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus (Martin 2014, p. 22). iPhone 7 Plus is more extensive and denser with a price up to £800 while iPhone 7 costs around £600. Even though iPhone 7 plus is better for media and playing games, it is a sizeable phone that is difficult to use comfortably in one hand.Purchase DecisionAfter long consideration, I finally chose iPhone 7. Its dual camera that marshals in the modern age of mobile photography was decisive factor in its favor. The photography mode also stood out due to my love for pictures. Size being altogether disappointing, I knew I had made the right decision. After all, the phone’s performance did beat my expectation, and I did not regret it (Zaichkowsky 2015).Purchase EvaluationFactors that influenced the whole decision-making process to purchasing iphone7 plus include motivation, perception, attitude and self-concept.MotivationMotivation is an internal force steered towards satisfying a particular need. I knew that the purchase of iPhone 7 plus with its brand-new features and functionalities would give me the satisfaction of having a phone that is exceptional compared to existing brands and models.PerceptionThis is often referred to the process which involves selection, organizing and interpreting the information inputted through our senses to give meaning to what we perceive. The market is abundant in various phones. Therefore, I was widely exposed to a different brand, and after having considered the given options, I finally decided to buy iPhone7 plus (Kraemer, Linden and Dedrick 2011, p. 30).AttitudeThrough interaction and experience with iPhone 7 plus I had developed a positive sentiment for this particular brand. I mean that consumer attitude toward an item dramatically influences his/her action (Kraemer, Linden and Dedrick 2011, p. 110).Self-conceptSelf-concept presupposes all the internal traits and behaviors that make a person unique. I bought iPhone 7 plus, as in my opinion, it is consistent with my self-concept. According to Kraemer, Linden and Dedrick (2011, p. 54), iPhone 7 plus model focuses on individuality and uniqueness.ConclusioniPhone 7 plus has so far been the best brand of phone in my view. It boasts about well-designed screen, exceptional camera, protracted battery life and outstanding performance. In light of many factors, the decision to settle for this particular phone was a difficult one. However, the phone has met my expectations; it is comfortable to use and worth my money.ReferencesAbroms, L.C., Padmanabhan, N., Thaweethai, L. and Phillips, T. (2011). iPhone apps for smoking cessation: A content analysis, American journal of preventive medicine, vol. 40, no. 3, pp.279-285.Bettman, J.R., and Park, C.W. (2008). Effects of prior knowledge and experience and phase of the choice process on consumer decision processes: A protocol analysis. Journal of consumer research, vol. 7, no. 3, pp.234-248.Kraemer, K.L., Linden, G. and Dedrick, J. (2011). Capturing value in Global Networks: Apple’s iPad and iPhone. [Online] Available at http://pcic.merage.uci.edu/papers/2011/value_ipad_iphone.pdf.Martin, C.L. (2016). Relationship marketing: A high-involvement product attribute approach, Journal of product & brand management, vol. 7, no. 1, pp.6-26.Mitchell, A.A. (2016). Involvement: A potentially important mediator of consumer behavior, ACR North American Advances.Zaichkowsky, J.L. (1985). Measuring the involvement construct, Journal of consumer research, vol. 12, no. 3, pp.341-352.

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